American Idol--Final Four perform

My friend Amy says this is a big week.  She asked me to vote for Scotty, because if he wins, he'll come back to Garner, NC for a big parade, and since she lives there, she really wants to go.  I told her that would be VERY difficult for me--especially if it came at the expense of Haley making it to the Top Three.  I told her I'd think about it after watching the whole show.

As the kids come out, James tripped on the train to Lauren's dress.  That could've been really embarrassing!

Tonight the kids are singing two songs.  Round one will be songs that inspire the contestants, round two will be the songbook of Leiber and Stoller, who Ryan tells us wrote everything from On Broadway, to Jailhouse Rock.  Mentoring the kids for round two is Lady Gaga.

James is first singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing."  Will it measure up to Glee's version????  Before James starts singing he says, "Come on Randy!  You know the words!"  He does a decent version, but I don't love it.  The judges did thought.  Steven said he couldn't have picked a better song and then got bleeped out for something.  I have no idea what he said. JLo said it was a great performance.  Randy went on and on with his praise.

Haley takes on Michael Jackson's "The Earth Song."  She likes the beautiful message of the song.  She put her all into that, but I think her voice might be a little hoarse.  I love Haley though.  JLo felt that Haley's inspiration.  Said she sang it perfectly, but then went into a diatribe about bad song choice.  How can JLo say one one hand that she sang it perfectly, but then turn around and give such negative and meaningless criticism?  Randy echoed her.  Thank god Steven saved the day! He said "they're both wrong...don't listen to them!"  I think Steven sticking up for her will help--he's probably the most popular judge.  After one week, his book is on the bestsellers list, after all. 

Scotty sings an Alan Jackson song called....I missed the title, and don't feel like rewinding.  Typical Scotty performance.  Oh, I guess the song is about 9/11 and talking to Jesus and loving God.  Pretty calculated choice considering the recent events with bin Laden.  Judges loved it.  Randy told him he's ready for super-stardom.   He played the guitar this time, so at least we didn't have to see that ridiculous microphone hold of his.

Lauren sings Martina McBride's "Anyway."  She did well.  I'm just not a big fan.  Steven loved it.  JLo complimented her for taking the judges advice and doing what she has to do, which I think is another veiled ding at Haley.  Rnady loved it too.  She's back in it to win it.  *Sigh.*

On to round two, with Lady Gaga.  She's looking particularly frightening tonight.  I hate those pointy cheek implants she's been wearing lately.

Haley's up first with "I Who Have Nothing."  During rehearsals, Gaga helped her in adding "drama" to the song.   She was FANTASTIC.  This time she got another friggin' standing "O' from the judges.  That's what I'm talkin' about!  Show her some respect!  In your FACE judges!!  JLo said, "Look what you're capable of!  That was amazing!  One of the best performances of the year."  Randy said everyone needs a "moment" tonight.  Randy said she just had a moment, which puts her in it to win it!  Randy said it was one of her best vocals, EVER.  Steven said, "I always knew it.  Classic moment, with classic Haley.  You just Reinharted yourself into the middle of next week." 

Scotty's singing "Youngblood" by The Coasters.  During rehearsals, Gaga told Scotty that he needs to stay in front of the microphone, because when he sings to the side, we can't hear his tone.  She continued:  "That's your girlfriend, and she says to you, if you don't stick your tongue down my throat, we're through.  So you keep your mouth on that microphone as if your life depends on it or that [bleep] is gonna leave you!...You gotta make love to that microphone."  Scotty blushed the whole time.  He later kissed the cross around his neck, and said, "Lord, this is not my doing."  That was pretty funny.  And now the microphone hold is back.  SO ANNOYING.  His performance was fine.  At least it wasn't a country song.  The best part about Scotty tonight was the exchange with Gaga.  Randy loved it.  Steven said it was a little Pat Boone.  Is that a good thing???????  Steven loved the humor.  JLo thought he hit his stride.

Lauren's up again with big hair and an outfit that makes her look 35.  She's singing Elvis' "Trouble."  She doesn't like singing the lyric, "Because I'm evil." She doesn't want America thinking she's evil.  Come on.  It's just a SONG.  Gaga said, "at the end of the day, the word evil's not that big of a deal is it?"  It was fine.  I didn't love it.  Steven said it was well done.  JLo enjoyed the maturity in the performance that we haven't seen before.  Randy really enjoyed it. 

James is doing "Love Potion No. 9."  Gaga tried to help Scotty with his moves.  She got his hips moving a little.  I didn't love it until the last few notes, where he went really high.  That was great.  JLo said it proved he can sing anything.  Randy says James has a moment every week and he loves it.  Steven said it was a beautiful thing.

May I please note that despite all this praise for Lauren, James and Scotty from the judges, Haley is the only one who got a standing "o" tonight.

My rankings:

1.  Haley's 2nd song
2. Haley's 1st song
3.  James' 2nd song
4.  James' 1st song
5.  Lauren's 2nd song
6.  Lauren's 1st song
7.  Scotty's 2nd song
8.  Scotty's 1st song

PLEASE, just let Haley be in the Top 3!  Sorry Amy--no votes for Scotty tonight.

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