Will America survive after Pia's departure?

I don't know about the rest of America but I got over Pia's departure about 30 seconds after it was announced that she was going home.  I heard there was a group trying to convince Fox to bend the rules and bring her back.  Same people are asking Stefano to step aside.  Hey America--it's not his fault that she got fewer votes than he did!  Let's move on, people. 

Tonight's show starts with the announcement that JLo was named People's Most Beautiful People person.

Tonight's theme is The Movies.

Paul's up first in a new black suit with red flowers all over it.  He's singing Old Time Rock & Roll by Bob Seger from Risky Business.  Will.i.am is back again this week.   Paul seemed to have fun on the stage.  He's always fun to watch.  I think his voice was a little too soft (that might not be the right word--maybe "weak" is better) for that song, but he was still fun to watch.  Steven liked it, said the crowd's reaction said it all.  JLo said it's great to watch him get more and more polished each week.  Randy said this should be his first number at his first concert.  Said he's definitely an artist.

Laura's singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus from the Hannah Montana movie.  Jimmy Iovine told Lauren she's a much, much stronger singer than Miley Cyrus.  Um, Jimmy, most people are much stronger singers than Miley Cyrus.  Jimmy told Lauren to go after Pia's votes now.   She did a great job.  I wasn't paying attention when JLo talked and didn't feel like rewinding.  Randy said it was like the song was written for her.  Steven said she moves him beyond tears.

Stefano is next.  He talks about being in the bottom three last week, and having to move on.  Jimmy and Will tried to keep him from giving up.  They boosted his ego a bit...say he has the chops to win.  He's singing End of the Road from Boomerang, by Boyz II Men.  He does a good job with this song, but I can't help but feel he's like a one-person boy band.  I wonder how he'd sound with other voices backing him up.  Randy said Stefano slayed the song, and it was his best vocal on the stage to vote.  "Stefano's in it to win it!"  Steven said he really knows how to milk a song.  It's "so not the end of the road for you...it's just the beginning."  JLo said it was "the shit!"  Of course we didn't hear that, but I can read lips.

Scotty performs Cross My Heart by George Strait from Pure Country.  Of course.  Not much to say here.  Same ole, same ole.  Judges loved it.

CASEY's next!  He first was going to sing Nature Boy by Nat King Cole, but the mentors felt it was too "quiet" when he needs to "roar" right now.  (I'm paraphrasing.)  Instead he sings Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight. (I'm already hearing the drums).  Casey's worried about losing himself in this process--he feels the first song was more "him."  But then, he ultimately went with Nature Boy!  Jimmy seemed kinda pissed that his advice was ignored.  He's got the upright bass and the piano's accompanying him.  Nice jazzy sound.  He does some scatting and he grunted maybe once more than was needed.  I liked it, but I don't think America will.  But, maybe I'm wrong--the crowd went crazy.  JLo said she was worried at first, but then realized, on this show, you don't have to be a pop singer.  She said she hopes America "gets it."  Randy reiterates what she said.  Steven said he's an artist in the truest sense of the word because he did it his way.

Haley's, the only other girl in the competition, next and performs Call Me by Blondie from American Gigolo.  I didn't know that song was in that movie.  It makes me sad to say that this wasn't Haley's best performance.  I still love her though.  Randy didn't love it.  It felt karaoke to him.  He said it wasn't a singer's song to show why she's there.  It didn't showcase her voice.  The other judges pretty much agree, but Steven seemed to like it a bit more than the other two.  JLo said she didn't want to say anything too bad because she doesn't want another girl to go home.  I'm going to have to put in some calls for Haley tonight.

Jacob's next.  He was going to start with To Dream the Impossible Dream, but Jimmy said he doesn't need to do 'corny' right now.  Jimmy suggested Bridge over Troubled Water from The Pursuit of Happyness instead.  I dunno if anyone can top when Clay Aiken performed this on the show.  I still hate Jacob's low range.  The judges will love it.  I was right.

James wanted to sing Sammy Hagar's Heavy Metal from the movie of the same name.  Jimmy hated it.  James is going to sing it anyway.  Zakk Wylde was on guitar.   I think this will bring James to the bottom three next week.   Even though his voice was okay, he should maybe have done a more familiar song.  Judges and the audience loved it.  JLo said it felt REAL.  Randy loved it.  Steve said it was outstanding.

So, I didn't really LOVE any performance tonight, but my faves were:  Lauren and Casey. 

Least favorite: Scotty, Jacob and James


Villy Customs said...

yes- i do think when someone is kicked off, we need to just move the heck on already! i felt sorry for stefano. this week and last, having to stand there in the final two.

i didn't like "call me" so much either, but boy oh boy did she redeem herself when she sang the duet last night with casey! wow. i was hugely impressed!!!

Villy Customs said...

oh oops. that is my brother's log in, not mine. this is not villy customs. it's kerri arista! ;)