Oops. A belated Idol post.

Just realized I forgot to post anything about Idol's elimination show this week.  If you haven't heard by now, Paul was sent home.  (Haley and Stefano were the others in the bottom three.)  I fast-forwarded through most of the show, so don't really have much else to report, other than Casey and Haley sang a WONDERFUL duet together, and in my mind, really showed that despite a bad night on Wednesday, Haley still needs to be on the show.

Rumor has it that these two are dating. I think I can see some chemistry here.

Also of note, original idol, Kelly Clarkson, was there to perform with Jason Aldean. It's always good to see her.

And finally, my friends and I had a little debate about Idol via email this morning. I think my one friend is getting annoyed with me for pulling for Stefano's departure each week. (I didn't this week....I actually thought this week was his best so far.) She started her message with, "I hope Stefano wins the whole thing just cause the world has such a negative expectation of him! He is a Great singer who is trying hard and fighting against all odds." She then gave a very impassioned argument about her desire for Stefano, Lauren and Jacob to be the top 3, essentially because she feels they're truly "idols" and not just recording artists.

I was going to remind her that Stefano was once arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, but didn't go there. What I did say was, "...even though "Idol" is in the title of the show, the whole point of the show is to make lots of money by producing "successful recording artists." The shows producers (and I) don't really care whether or not the winner can be an "idol" or a role model. For me, it's about who do I want to hear on the radio (or on my iPod) and who would be fun to see in concert. This is why I couldn't get behind Pia...she might be okay to hear on the radio, but I wouldn't want to see her on stage. It'd be such a dull show."

And then my sister chimed in with the info about Stefano. And she added, "Every year there's always that one person that needs to go, but keeps getting the darn votes, think Sanjaya."

Amen, sis!

Oh...one more thing. I'm in a 3-way tie for first on my pool. If anyone but Stefano goes home next week, it might really shake things up.

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