The one where NBC wore me down.

NBC practically beat me over the head with the fact that The Voice was starting tonight. The commercials and extended previews were getting ridiculous. When I first saw previews for it, I saw Carson Daly, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo and Blake Shelton. Eh. I like Blake, but it didn't really interest me. Until....I saw that Adam Levine is on too!  Now I'm watching, and am enjoying it.

Tonight are blind auditions, so looks aren't a factor. Christina, Cee-lo, Adam and Blake are coaches. They listen to each contestant, sight unseen, and if they're interested in working with that Voice, they turn themselves around. If more than one coach turns around, then the contestant chooses who they want to work with. Each coach will have 8 contestants on their teams, and then they'll work together and go into the weekly competition where America will start to vote. (I think...or maybe America votes at the end--I forget.)

Remember Frenchie from Idol? She performed tonight and is on Christina's team. It was good to see her.

In other news, I saw a great movie yesterday: Win Win with Paul Giamatti. It was written and directed by Tom McCarthy who also wrote/directed The Station Agent and The Visitor, and co-wrote Up, all of which I also loved. They each feature an unusual/unlikely friendship and have a certain warmth about them. Paul Giamatti was great, as always, and I loved Amy Ryan from The Office as his wife. I recommend all of these movies!

And finally, Treme started again last night on HBO. And Jon Seda is on this season. I love me some Jon Seda. (I hate his haircut on the show though. But, in a scene where he started shaking his hips while dancing salsa, I got over it.)

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