It's Carole King night as AI's Top 6 perform

Yep, the kids are singing Carole King tonight.  Helping them tonight, along with Jimmy Iovine is Babyface.  Haven't seen him in a long time.

Returning from last week's bottom three, Jacob's up first.  He's singing "Oh No, Not My Baby."  Jimmy admits that Jacob's in the most jeopardy, so he has to move the judges.  He's got on a bright yellow button down shirt, blue plaid jacket, and a purple and green striped tie....hurting my eyes.  He did better than he's done in weeks, and he seemed to know it.  Huge grin on his face when he was done.  He also seemed like he had fun.  Steven said it was beautiful.  JLo and Randy liked it too.  Randy said he brought himself back with an energetic performance.  Ryan made the same comment about Jacob having fun.

Lauren's next, singing "Where You Lead."  During rehearsals, Babyface tells her to push her high notes even higher.  She says she worries about hitting them.  Babyface says, "Have you ever gone for it and not hit it?"  She said "no."  Babyface pauses and says, "Duh."   Then Babyface apparently got kicked out and Miley Cyrus came on board.  Great job!   She even pulled a guy on stage and sang to him.  Does she know him?  I'm not sure.  JLo was proud.   Randy thought the song was safe and boring, but he liked that Lauren came out with a vengeance.  Steven said she shined when her voice broke.  He told her to keep breaking like that because it shows the character in her voice.  She's got tears in her eyes by the end.

The kids will be doing duets tonight, and Haley & Casey are up for the first duet.  They're singing "I Feel the Earth Move."   She looks fantastic tonight in a black sparkly dress.  I love these two together!  Steven asked Casey, 'How much you lovin' Haley?  It showed!"  Steven loved it. 

Scotty's next, singing "You've Got a Friend."  I wish anyone else but Scotty chose this song, since it's my favorite of Carol's.  During rehearsals, Babyface & Jimmy tried to get Scotty to start soft and not in his traditional "Scotty voice." Jimmy says he has to deliver subtlety and poignancy.   He sounded a little flat a couple of times, but otherwise did a nice job.  It was nice to hear something other than the same ole, same ole country from him; something a little soulful.  The tweens will love it--especially after he looked at them right through the camera at the end.  Randy said it was an excellent job--nice to hear his tenor voice instead of the baritone.  Steven said this was his "just right song."  JLo said his strength is in the storytelling, and he "told that story beautifully."

Before the commercial break, Ryan teases that we're about to hear the softer, more sensitive side of James.  He'll be singing "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow."  Jimmy Iovine says Carole King and James were meant to come together.  He starts of acapella, and WOW.  Such a clear voice...awesome.  Applause, applause!!  That was fantastic.  Standing O from the audience, and a lot of woo-hoo's from JLo.  Steven loved the acapella section, and then mentioned it's the first song he ever made out with a girl to.  JLo thought the beginning was magical.  She also mentioned that he has not had one bad week since they got to the Top 13.  Randy said he proved that he's not just a great "rock singer," but that he's a great "singer."  Period.  Randy thinks he could win the whole thing.  I hope he does because I've got him to win America's vote in my pool.

Lauren and Scotty will be singing "Up on the Roof." And, the baritone is back.  They do a slow version of the song.  While they sound nice, I miss the doo-wop sound of The Drifters.  Toward the end, Scotty seemed to be singing to Lauren, but she never looked at him...she looked straight ahead.  It looked kind of weird.  JLo said Lauren "sang her brains off!" Oh, and Scotty did a good job too.

Casey's up next for his solo performance.  He's singing "Hi-De-Ho," which was made popular by Blood, Sweat and Tears.  It's got a nice jazzy blues feel.  Casey's in a black suit and a fedora.  I love it right off the bat.  I feel like I'm in a smokey blues club in Chicago.  That was awesome!  One of my favorite performances from Casey.  Randy said it was like the song was made for Casey, and it brought him back to New Orleans.  Steven said Casey's found his niche.  He said it was the best "mother....lovin'.....show I've seen."  JLo liked it, but wanted to see him loosen up a little in his movement.

Haley's next, singing "Beautiful."  This song goes back and forth between uptempo and slow.  I liked the uptempo moments much better than the slow.  I still love Haley though!  Steven said she nailed it just now.  JLo said it was beautiful and she has the most beautiful voice in the competition.  Randy said he didn't love the beginning, but the end was exciting.

I guess we have one more duet, and by my amazing powers of deduction, I predict it will be Jacob and James.  They're singing "I'm into Something Good."  They're both wearing white shirts and pants with black jackets.  James should've buttoned up his jacket--his shirt was dingy and he looked a little like a middle-aged man.  It was a fun performance--they sang to JLo in the middle of it, and then acted like they were fighting for her attention.

Tough to rate the performances tonight.  Everyone did a good job.  But, the order I rate the performances (not necessarily trying to predict who will be in the bottom three):

1.  James
2.  Casey
3.  Haley
4.  Lauren
5.  Scotty
6.  Jacob

As for a bottom-three prediction, I think it might be Jacob, Haley and....gosh, maybe Casey.  Only because I don't know if America likes the jazzy blues sound as much as I do.  We shall see!

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