Elimination night-from 7 to 6

After chatter with the judges, the show opens with Haley, Lauren, Jacob and Stefano performing Train's "Hey, Soul Sister." They sounded good together. (As I was watching, I was thinking that someone in DC should do a go-go version of the song. Kind of like they did with Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces of Me.")

After a commercial break comes the "AI official commercial" a.k.a. the Ford video commercial.

Casey, Scotty and James then perform Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Sorry fellas--this wasn't good. I don't like that song anyway, and your voices couldn't save it. The other problem was "choreography" and the fact that you weren't in sync.

Time for some Idol/idle chitchat with the contestants. And now we learn that Casey is safe, and Jacob is in the bottom three.

David Cook comes out to perform, "The Last Goodbye," the first single from his new album coming out in June. I still love his voice. **Applause, applause!** Hey he's going to be in DC on May 1 for a 5K race/walk to raise money for brain cancer research. He also brought his mom tonight so she could meet Steven Tyler. Cute.

More time filler -- the contestants went to a baseball game, and maybe some other stuff that I'm unaware of because I fast forwarded through the rest.

Lauren, James and Stefano learn their status next. AND......Stefano's in the bottom three again. Now it's between Haley and Scotty. And, Haley's in the bottom three, again. Poor Haley--she did great last night and Scotty was so boring. She doesn't have young tweens voting for her though. But then, Ryan told her right away that she's safe. Phew.

Katy Perry sings "E.T." Taking a cue from Lady Gaga, she and the dance crew have crazy costumes on and she's carried out to the stage. At least these alien costumes don't freak me out like Gaga's did with those pointy shoulders. Kanye was there in person too...thought we'd just hear him on the recording.

And now, the results. Dim the lights.... The person leaving us tonight is...Stefano. Finally. I have to say though, that the past two weeks have been his best, so the timing of this sucks. It would've made more sense if he went three weeks or four weeks ago. Still, someone has to go.

On to next week!

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