American Idol results night

This will be a quick rundown cuz it's late.

Group song was a medley of rock & roll songs. Pia raised her left arm up each time she sang, for emphasis. Wow, when they were on stage, it just hit me that there are only 3 girls left and six guys. How'd I miss that before? I knew the guys were stronger this year.

Mostly fast-forwarding, but I see Russell Brand is there, so I watch. He's talking to them about performance and stage presence. I should've continued fast-forwarding.

Constantine Mouralis performs an.....interesting...rock-y, rendition of the Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody.

Next was a clip of Gwen Stefani dressing the girls last night. Then there's a dumb thing about media training at TMZ. Fast forward.

Iggy Pop performs. Ryan introduces him by saying, "I don't know if you're ready for this" and apparently I"m not. Iggy Pop is shirtless with a fake tan and old leathery skin. EW. Fast forward.

The bottom line:
The bottom three were: Stefano, Pia, and Jacob. The audience seems shocked, but hey, someone has to be in the bottom. I need Stefano to go for my pool.

Turns out the person leaving tonight is PIA. Wow. I didn't see that coming. And now the judges don't have a save. The audience is booing like crazy. This is going to screw with all of my friends' pool results, I think.

JLo was in tears and said she's shocked and angry. Randy agreed and said Pia's one of the best singers in the competition. Maybe, but she has no stage presence and is dull to watch. So, I wonder who did the judges want to go home??! I suspect JLo would've had the same reaction with Stefano or Jacob. Whaddya gonna do?

Ryan made Pia sing one last time--she chose I'll Stand By You...and then Tivo cut off.

Here are my pool rankings...


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Kerri said...

ok. first of all:
yikes. i'm sure her scared the young girls on the front row when he went over to them and pranced around.
i think it's great he's stayed lean through out his life, but c'mon iggy-- put a shirt on, please!

surprising for sure about pia. poor stafano being the last one to stand beside her. him getting thru has got to feel a little bitter sweet.