AI night--Top....how many are left? I forget.

Ah...there are seven left.

In a new twist, the show opens with the five girls and one guy who've already been kicked off singing Pink's Rock Star. Naima got a little way overzealous with her dance moves, but otherwise, it was good to see them all again. I totally forgot about Ashthon even being in the competition. Pia still just knows how to march around and bend her knees occasionally. Paul brought back the black suit with flowers.

The singers are doing songs from the 21st century tonight.

Scotty is up first, but before he sings, we see the other contestants making fun of how Scotty holds the microphone (which I find so annoying). Lisa de Moraes in the WaPo, put it perfectly last week:
Scotty is once again holding his microphone like it’s a fife and he’s part of a Revolutionary War re-enactment event at which Washington’s troops are singing Lady Antebellum tunes.
Anyway, back to the show. Scotty's singing Swingin' by LeAnn Rimes. Same ole, same ole. Judges echoed what Jimmy said during rehearsal that he needs to step out of his box. Note: Steven Tyler has a huge red lipstick smooch on his cheek. Who did that? And why hasn't someone come to wipe it off? It's distracting. Anyway, Randy said Scotty's performance was boring. FINALLY. The judges see what I've been saying for weeks.

James is singing Uprising by Muse. James envisions a post-apocalyptic protest. Jimmy likes that it has substance. I love this song...I suspect he'll do well. James enters the studio with four snare drummers. James is totally channeling Adam Lambert, sang even higher notes that Adam, and does great. Judges loved it.

Haley's turn. She's singing Adele's Rolling in the Deep. AWESOME! I've been listening to Adele's new album, 21, non-stop for four or five weeks now. Gwyneth Paltrow did Turning Tables on Glee last night. I love hearing these songs...any time, any place. And, I loved Haley's performance...she had a couple of shaky notes, but I loved it anyway. Randy said she chose a perfect direction for herself. He mentioned she went a little sharp a couple times. Steven thought it was great. (BTW, the lipstick must be part of Steven's ensemble. It's still there.) JLo loved it too.

Jacob sings A Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross. Jacob's father passed away when Jacob was 12, so this song means a lot to him. He was very emotional during rehearsals. Something was wrong in the beginning, like something might've been wrong with the sound in his earpiece. He finally just pulled it out. I understand the judges comparing Jacob to Luther because of his music style, but to me, there's no comparison. Luther was so smooth, at all notes. I still think Jacob sounds like he's underwater when he's singing in the lower register. It grates on my ears. Randy said it was good, but it didn't make him jump out of his seat.

Casey is next singing Harder to Breathe from Maroon 5. Yay! He's playing guitar tonight. He's awesome!! Might have to download that one. He ended by kissing JLo on the cheek. And I think she blushed! JLo and Randy raved, but then Steven mentioned that Casey's already a cult hero, and then got bleeped because, based on my lip-reading skills, he said, "There's millions of people in America that are really angry because you piss them off because you're SO FUCKING GOOD!" The audience went crazy.

Stefano chooses Ne-Yo's Closer. Jimmy advises him not to whine and plead while singing, but to make it sexy. Ne-Yo makes it sexy, that's for sure.

That suit. And that hat. *Yummm*

Oh, I digress. Uh-oh, Stefano tries to show off some Usher moves...he's not quite there, but does okay. He sounded good. Judges liked it.

We finally get an explanation about the lipstick on Steven's face. His daughter Mia is in the audience, and she planted it there. Phew. I'll be able to sleep tonight after all.

Lauren ends the night with Born to Fly by Sara Evans. Lauren sounds good as usual, but I really don't care for her song choice. Steven liked it--asked her to sing more Alison Krauss or Shania Twain. (I personally believe that was his way of saying he didn't like the song either.) Lauren made a comment in her package about how she holds back because everyone's doing crazy notes and she doesn't want to fall behind. JLo told her she CAN do those crazy notes like the other contestants, that she should try, even if it's when she's by herself. Randy echoed what JLo said, but in a more wordy way.

OK, that's it. My rankings: 7. Scotty, 6. Jacob, 5. Lauren, 4. Stefano, 3. James, 2. Haley, 1. Casey

Yay--David Cook will be on tomorrow night. Can't wait.


Kerri said...

james was great- i'm not a huge fan of his necessarily but i thought he stood out last night-

i love casey every single week. if he doesn't win i will hate idol.

Valerie said...

I hear ya. Seems like every year I vow to hate Idol and never watch again, yet, here I am. :o)