Sir Elton John night on American Idol

That's right, it's Elton John night on AI. Should be fun.  Two folks will be eliminated after tonight.

Of course, Scotty found the ONE country song that Elton put out.He sings Country Comfort.  Jimmy Iovine makes the comment that folks think Scotty is a one-trick pony.  Put me in that camp.  I really was hoping to see something at least a *little* different tonight.  Nope.  He sang this for his grandma and the judges loved it. 

Next up is Naima with a reggae version of I'm Still Standing.  She connects with the lyrics because people didn't expect her to get this far.  Jimmy takes it a step further to suggest she sing about all the events in the world and how there are a lot of people still standing, and this song is for them. How generous!  I love reggae, but don't care for this reggae version with her fake accent.  Her voice sounds fine, but I wouldn't want to hear that on the radio.  JLo said it was better in concept than it was in pay-off.  Randy agreed and said it was corny.  Steven gave her kudos for picking a song that suited her.

Paul's up next.  What a great smile he has.  Tonight he's singing Rocket Man.  His band covered the song years ago, and it was a disaster, but he's going to try again.  Jimmy suggested he approach this like it's his encore after giving a great performance in front of thousands of people.  He's wearing the white suit covered in roses again.  He sounds pretty good--doing the whisper-y, breath-y thing.  Randy said it was a little pitchy here and there, and JLo feels he's holding back something with his voice and that he should try to go all the way.  Steven asked if he's watering his suit because there seem to be a lot more flowers this week.  Steven likes that he's sometimes pitchy and said he could name five famous singers who do that too.

Pia's doing another ballad--Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.  She chose it because it's one of her all-time favorite songs.  Jimmy told her to approach it like a rock singer--somewhere between Fergie and Axl Rose.  She promises a fast song next week.  I'm torn on this one.  She sounded good, like she always does, but I wasn't moved by the song like when Elton sings it, or especially George Michael.  It was more of the same, to me.  Judges loved it though.  JLo said she felt her more than she has before--I didn't experience that.  Randy pointed out that she's always GREAT singing ballads...he was just ready for her to change it up.  I'm with Randy.

Stefano is singing Tiny Dancer.  I thought he did better this week, but I still didn't love it.  JLo called it "amazing."  I wouldn't go that far.  Randy said he could tell he was connecting with the audience more.  Steven said he nailed it and thought he was really good.

Lauren chooses Candle in the Wind.  She's anxious to see what America thinks of her soft side.  She adds a slight country tone to it, but sounds nice.  Randy said it was one of her greatest performances.  Steven said it was perfect.  JLo used the word "amazing" again.  I think it's more appropriate for Lauren than it was for Stefano.

James is singing Satruday Night's All Right.  He did a split jump off the stairs in the middle of the performance!  Who knew?  He did a great job!!  Quite a production.  The piano was even set on fire.  I loved it!  Judges loved it.  Randy loves that James enjoys himself.

Thia is singing Daniel.  Jimmy tells her to get away from "dramatic" and to just think about the lyrics, and what they mean, and to sing from her heart.  Thia has a a beautiful voice.  She really does.  Her problem is that she has NO personality on stage.  JLo said it was a beautiful moment for Thia.  Randy liked the relaxed side of her.  He didn't like that it was once again very safe.  Steven thought it was the right song, and she sang it well.

Casey is singing Your Song.  One of Jimmy's cohorts said that CAsey's beard is taking over his face so much that people can't even see him.  So, Casey went for a haircut and a trim.  He comes out a little less scruffy, but still Casey.  He sits on a stool tonight and totally redeems himself.  Great performance.  Randy said it was the greatest save they've ever had.  Randy said it was so nice and so tender.  Steven said putting him through last week was one of the finest moments on this show.  JLo said she's lost sleep over some of the decisions the judges have made, letting good people good.  She said she slept like a baby after saving Casey.  She loved it.

Jacob is next, singing, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.  He first heard Mary J. Blige's version.  While he's rehearsing, Mary just happened to be in the back of the room.  She gave him a big hug.  Jimmy warned him about over-dramatizing the song.  He did a good job, though he did look like he might cry a couple of times.  I'm torn on Jacob.  I love when he gets to the powerful parts of his songs, but I don't care much for his singing in the lower registers and softer tones.  Steven loved it.  So did JLo.  Randy loved it, but said something about him finding a note and taking it all the way to the top.

Haley rounds out the night with Benny and the Jets.  Great song to end the show with.  Jimmy said every week something has been missing--tonight he wants her to bring it all--moves, tone and style.  She starts with a jazzy beginning then gets to rocking.    I love this!  My favorite of the night!  JLo had the stank face as she grooved along.  JLo said it all came together--it was amazing.  THIS TIME that word is completely true!  Randy said it was the best performance of the night.  Steven said, "You. Sing. Sexy."  My sister said, "Oh dear.  Steven T. wants to do Haley."

My top three:  Haley!  Casey and James
My bottom three:  Thia, Scotty, Stefano -- I forgot about Naima!

I think Stefano and Thia are in danger.  We shall see!

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