Results night on AI

Is this seriously going to be a TWO-HOUR show?!  What?  I see a lot of fast forwarding in my future.

The show starts with a montage of AI moments up until now.  Ryan comes out an announces they'll make the largest cut ever at this point of the competition.  Then he announces the top 24.  I fast-forwarded through most of that, but noticed that Paul is wearing that fancy white jacket with flowers on it.

So, America will decide the top 10, and then the judges will decide who from the remaining 14 they'd like to see again for the wild card pick.  And what is Steven wearing?   A hot pink puffy shirt?! 

Before the guys are announced, they do a play-by-play of the guys' performance night.  FF>>

Then there some chit chat with the guys.  The guys feel bad knowing some of their friends may be leaving.  Then there's another video montage of some interviews with the guys, i.e., another time filler.  

Finally we get to find out who the top 5 guys are.   Scotty and Robbie are called forward.  Scotty is in the Top 10.  Robbie is not.  (No surprise there.)

Next up, Clint, Jordan and Jovany.  Clint looks like he's hyperventilating and about to have a heart attack.  Jordan, who sang Usher on Tuesday, admits that if he had to do it over, he'd sing John Legend's Ordinary People.  JLo says that would've been a good choice.  Clint and Jordan have not made it to the Top 10.  And...neither did Jovany.  

Now we turn to the ladies.  Blah, blah, blah--recap of last night's show, and then their camera interviews.  FF>>

Finally, Ryan calls up Pia and Lauren A.  Pia said she's dreamed of this since she was a little girl.  It's weird to think that these people were little children when AI first started.  After the vote, Lauren is in the Top 10.  As is Pia.  (Of course she is!)

Next up are:  Ta-Tynisa (sp?) and Julie.  Note:  Julie and Pia look exactly alike.  Ta-Tynisa is a no.  Julie is a no.

After a commercial break, Ryan calls Kendra, Ashthon, and Karen to join him.  Ashthon = no.  Kendra=no.  Karen=yes.  (Kendra was on my top 5...boo.)

Next up are Jacob, Casey, and Tim.  Jacob is in the Top 10.  Casey is too! (He's my FAVORITE!)  Tim is not.  That's the right decision.

Next:  Naima, Thia, and Lauren T.  Naima is not in the Top 10.   Thia is in.  Lauren T. is not.  All three of these were in my top 5...my picks aren't doing so well.

Brett and Paul come up next.  Paul made it.  Brett didn't.

Here come Haley and Rachel.  I suspect Haley's in.  And I'm right.

And now, for the final guy spot:  Stefano and James come up.   James gets the spot.

So, to summarize, America's Top 10 are (those in bold were my picks too):

Guys:  James, Paul, Jacob, Casey, and Scotty
Girls:  Lauren A, Pia, Thia, Haley, and Karen
I hope for Clint, Brett, Kendra and Lauren T. to be picked as wild cards.  

For the wild cards, the judges will select some of the remaining 14 contestants to sing again, and then make a decision.  Six people will be selected to sing: 3 guys and 3 girls.  

Their first choice to sing is Ashthon.  The contestants get to sing anything they've already sung during the competition so far.  Ashthon is singing And I Am Telling You, à la Jennifer Hudson.  She's better than last night, but not as good as Jennifer Hudson. 

Next to sing is Stefano.  He's singing I Need You Now by Smokie Norful (?).  I hear a touch of Donny Hathaway in his voice...he's doing really well tonight. 

The judges call Kendra next, who will sing Georgia on My Mind.  She knocked it out!  I love her voice. 

Jovany's next, singing Jon Secada's Angel, which he dedicates to someone he once loved.  He's switching between English & Spanish, probably hoping it will bring him the same accolades Karen got last night.  He was just okay for me.  Jennifer said, "You did a good job baby.  You did all you could do.  You did all you could do."  That doesn't sound too promising...she sounded kind of disappointed.

Naima's chosen to sing next, so the remaining four are out.  She's singing Donny Hathaway's For All We Know...sounds a little shaky to me.  I'm wishing they had chosen Lauren T. instead.  Oh my...she was bawling at the end of the song.  Ryan told her to breathe.  Steven seemed to like it. 

The last person chosen to sing is Robbie.  The rest are out.  Brett comes to give the judges a hug.  Robbie sings Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word by Elton John.  Ugh...he's singing it too slowly...hurry up!  He sounds better than last night though.  Much better, actually.  Randy said the Robbie they fell in love with is back.

We get the world premiere of JLo's new video while the judges deliberate.  I have a bad feeling my recording's going to cut off before they announce the wild cards.  JLo looks great in her video.  The song has the tune of Lambada in it...reminds me of my Zumba classes.

The judges pick Ashthon, Stefano, and Naima.  Darn...I was pulling for Kendra. 

Okay, that's our Top 13.  The Top 10 will be announced March 24, and that's the week my pool will start.


Kerri said...

i want to be in that pool again this year for sure.
and can i make an early prediction here? CASEY is going to take the whole thing!!! you heard it hear, by me, first!!

so, so glad you're watching too, val! :) always LOVE to read your comments about the show.

i turned it onto night, all geared up to watch, but i guess it's on wed/thurs this week. can't wait for your blog tomorrow! :)

Valerie said...

Yay! I'll definitely get you in on the pool. My prediction for the year is the same as yours. Casey's SO talented, but also has the best personality of anyone who's ever been on the show, methinks.

I did the same thing last night--all ready to watch, but there was Glee instead. Oh well..I'm ready for tonight.