How it ended

As I noted in my last post, my DVR cut off the end of American Idol. Thankfully, Lisa de Moraes does a "We Watch So You Don't Have To" recap for washingtonpost.com, and she fills in the gaps for what I missed:
"So the fact that – oh, my God, it’s unreal! I started singing and the fact that you cut it off scared the stuff out of me!” Casey babbles at the judges, still shaking.

The judges see no reason why Casey should get all the best lines during this poignant moment on-camera.

“There’s a nice big wave of hard-earned good fortune for you,” Tyler gushes, meaning we don’t know what.

Then JePe [Jennifer LoPez] tells him to knock off the “antics” and get back to being a musician. And Randy wraps things up with “You don’t need to growl! You can be anything!”

Seabiscuit sees no reason why the judges should get all the best lines either. He jumps in with the last surprise of the night: Because the judges used the Jennifer Hudson Save, two Idolettes will get the hook next week.

On the bright side, TeamIdol has decided to send all 11 on the American Idol Tour!

Okay, thanks Lisa. Good to know.

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