Here we go again! It's American Idol!

Yep. We're back. I said last season that I was done with the show, but with the addition of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges, and the various changes I heard about over the months, I just had to watch again. And I'm glad I am...I think J-Lo and ST are great additions. I've really enjoyed watching them.

And so, the judges have narrowed the field to 24. Twelve guys and twelve girls. Tonight the guys perform, and because I already have a few I'm pulling for, I'm really looking forward to tonight's show.

The Top 12 guys are: (I've "starred" the ones I most want to see.)

  • Clint Jun Gamboa** (the karaoke host with goofy glasses)
  • Jovany Barreto
  • Jordan Dorsey
  • Tim Halperin
  • Brett Loewenstern** (big curly red hair - he's kind of annoying, but his voice is great)
  • James Durbin
  • Robbie Rosen
  • Scotty McCreery
  • Stefano Lagone
  • Paul McDonald** (bears a slight resemblance to Bradley Cooper)
  • Jacob Lusk**
  • Casey Abrams** (the shaggy red-head that played bass during final auditions)

This week, the contestant's get to sing whatever they want.  

Clint's up first and sings Stevie Wonder's Superstition. He sounds great, but either he's not singing loud enough or the music's too loud. He was fantastic--off to a great start. Judges loved him.

Jovany - He's the guy that showed his (very nice) abs to J-Lo at his first audition. He works in a shipyard. Singing I'll Be by Edwin McCain. He has a nice, pleasant voice, but not a lot of stage presence...maybe because it's a slow song. Steven Tyler said, "Holy Shipyard!" ST and JLo loved it. Randy said it was just okay--and that when you sing a cover song, you gotta bring something to it, and it seemed karaoke to him. I kind of agree with Randy.  

Jordan - he was pretty cocky during the group sessions...having people audition for him. But, it paid off and his whole group made it through, so what do I know? He's singing Usher's OMG. He was kind of all over the place, singing high and low, but it was entertaining. ST said it wasn't his favorite performance. JLo said "Is that who you want to be?" He said no, and she said to her, he's more "Nat King Cole" and he should've done something along those lines. Randy repeated his critique from last time about bringing something different, and talked about his being pitchy in the falsetto. Agreed.  

Tim - have to admit I don't really remember much about him from auditions. He's singing Rob Thomas' Streetcorner Symphony and I love him. He was great. ST said the song didn't do him any justice and felt Tim's done so much better. Hmmm...maybe since I don't remember him, I don't have anything to compare it to. JLo and Randy agreed with ST.  

Brett - I guess he was picked on as a kid, and look at him now, singing The Doors' Light My Fire. He's doing too much shaking all that hair around and it's getting on my nerves. He sounds good though. ST liked it. JLo said there was more hair tossing than she and Beyonce over the past ten years, but she liked his performance. Randy said there were 14 hair shakes and Brett said he didn't even know he was doing it. Randy said, "C'mon!" He said there were some pitch problems in beginning, but he got it together in the end, and Randy likes that he's fun to watch.

James is up next. During auditions we learned that he has Asperger's and Tourette's Syndrome--I'm happy he's been able to pursue his dream, but I'm a little worried that he's trying to hard to be Adam Lambert part deux. I love Adam, and it's too soon to have someone so similar. I don't recognize the song he's singing. (I wish this show would follow SYTYCD's lead and display the song.) I guess it's "You've Got Another Thing Coming." Yep. Googled it. Judas Priest. I didn't love it, but that's more because of the song than his performance. He sounded good. Steven got bleeped...said that was "%&#! crazy good!" JLo loved the way he performed. Randy said, "This is how you do it!" and that he was "nice and tasty" with the high voice. Whatever that means.  

Robbie - can't really remember much about Robbie from auditions either. He's singing, Sarah McLachlan's In the Arms of the Angels. Hmm...I don't care for it. He was pitchy. ST said it was beautiful. I disagree. JLo said he told a story while singing, even though the notes weren't all perfect...she liked his choices better than Sarah McLachlan's. REALLY?! Randy agrees with me and said Robbie didn't seem quite comfortable in the performance. Randy got booed, but he was exactly right.  

Scotty with the deep country voice is next. Hard to believe he's only 17. Had to look up his song too--it's Letter from Home by John Michael Montgomery. Country's not my style, but he did a great job and the crowd loves him. ST says he couldn't have picked a better song. JLo said he's born to sing country music. Randy loved it and that he's a throwback country guy--not someone trying to cross-over to pop. He's from Garner, NC where a friend of mine lives. That would be cool, to have a hometown boy to root for.

Stefano - only vaguely remember him from auditions. He's singing Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are. (Can I just say that I LOVE this songs. It makes me happy.) Stefano sounds just like Bruno Mars singing it. Lovely voice--ooh, except for that one high note. Everything else was great, and he's a cutie. ST loved it. JLo said he's a "beast up there." Randy said his sharp high note didn't matter because he had them rocking and thinking "this kid could be on the radio right now." Ryan asked if he was singing to anyone in particular, and Stefano said the song was for all the ladies out there. Charmer. :o)  

Paul - he wore that white suit with flowers during auditions. I love his voice, and his smile. He's singing Rod Stewart's Maggie May. Not my favorite song in the world, but he did it very well. ST said he has a real character about his voice. He said, "I love that character in you." Me too! JLo mentioned how his smile lights up the whole place. Randy said he's just so unique and different, and likes the possibility that Idol can embrace that.

Jacob - there was a scene during the announcement of the top 24, where he was clapping for someone and all I could see was this:

Anyway, Jacob's singing Luther Vandross' A House is not a Home. Oh...Luther. I miss him. Anyway, Jacob was FANTASTIC. Perfect song for him. I had to rewind and watch again before hearing the judges critiques. ST said it was divine intervention that brought Jacob here. He said, "I'm honored to be in your presence...you make me cry when you sing." JLo said Luther was her favorite singer of all time, and she said Luther's gone, "but now we have you." Randy said he thinks Luther would be so proud, and we're lucky to have him. Amen.  

Casey - he's a film camp counselor..that's kinda cool. I'm going to nickname him the Shaggy D.A. He's singing I Put a Spell on You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, made famous by Nina Simone. I absolutely LOVE him!!!! It's hard to imagine how all this soul comes from that body. Watched him twice too. Loved it!! ST said, "that's as good as it gets." JLo said, "Casey...you're sexy Casey." She loved it. Randy loved how Casey transformed himself to the spirit of that song. Awesome.

You know...this was a great show. Lots of talent this season. I think Robbie, Jovany, and Jordan might be in danger. Watching the recap, I'd say Robbie will probably go. We'll find out Thursday.

Tomorrow it's the girls.

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