Down to the top 10

It's time to find out who America's Top 10 will be.  Performing tonight will be Sugarland and Jennifer Hudson.   But first, a few words from Barry Gordy about the Motown Sound, and a recap of last night.  After the judges and contestants are introduced, we see a clip where Marc Anthony gives the contestants a lesson on using "in-ears," those ear buds you see performers wearing when singing live.  They're custom made for each contestant and they can modify how little or how much of the music the contestant hears.  I always wondered about that.  Is it a coincidence that they had this lesson this week, AND it's the first time Randy didn't use the word "pitchy"?  Hmmm...

For the group sing, the kids are fancy tonight--guys in black suits, gals in pretty white dresses.  They perform Ain't No Mountain High Enough - combining Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's version with the version from Diana Ross.  You know, I think this is the first group where every single person can keep the beat when dancing and moving around the stage...I'm impressed.  Next, the kids form two lines and here comes Stevie Wonder!  Steven Tyler was SO EXCITED to see this!  Stevie and the kids sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered.  At the end, Stevie Wonder called out for Steven Tyler.  "How you doin'?  Are you ready for a celebration?  You know, Steven Tyler and I are friends!"  And then he and the whole audience and the judges and Ryan and the contestants sing "Happy Birthday To Ya."  Awww....that was nice.  Naima gave him a painting of himself...I'm wondering if she did the painting??    That was probably the best opening the show's ever had.

I fast forwarded through the Ford commercial, but it seemed to have something to do with the rain and recycling plastic.

Ryan gets down to business and calls up Scott, Pia and Lauren.  Ryan says that because of the votes, they'll all be packing their bags....in a couple of months....because they're safe and going on tour.   Oh, that Ryan.

Sugarland performs Stuck Like Glue.  Catchy tune.  I love Jennifer Nettles hair.  Trying to decide if I should get mine cute like that next week.

I fast-forwarded through the hijinks going on at the house...they were talking about pro-wrestling.  I guess James is a fan.

Next Ryan calls up James and Paul.  Oh good lord.  Ryan tells them that neither are safe tonight.  Then he says, "I mean, you're REALLY not safe tonight."  Then Eye of the Tiger starts playing, and Hulk Hogan appears on stage.  I guess I should've watched the hijinks, but I refuse.  Hogan tells them that they're both safe.  Then he "punches" Ryan Seacrest into the audience, and then he tears his shirt to show off his fake-tanned leather skin.  Ew.

Next up are Jacob, Thia and Stefano.  Jacob is safe.  Thia and Stefano are left on stage, and you know what?  They'd make a cute couple.  Thia is in the bottom three.  And so is Stefano.  I'm not surprised.

Haley, Naima and Casey come up next.  Naima is safe.  CASEY is in the bottom three?!?!?!?!?!  WTF.  It's all my fault.  I didn't call in. 

Jennifer Hudson performs next, she sings Where You At.  She looks fabulous!!!  ♬♪You said you would be right there for me.♫♬  Hmmm...sadly, I can relate to this song.

Ryan announces that Thia is safe.  It's down to Stefano & Casey.  The person with the lowest number of votes is CASEY.  THIS is why they created the Judges Save.  Funny that Jennifer Hudson just performed, since they created that gimmick the year after she was voted off too soon.  I suspect the judges will invoke it tonight, but first, Casey has to sing for his life.  As he's singing, Randy stops the performance, said they don't need to hear him sing anymore, and Steven says "this is crazy--we made the decision to keep you on."  Of course they did!!!!  Casey's overwhelmed, and gets quite dramatic. The whole thing seems kind of staged, actually.

Casey said he figured they wouldn't use the save tonight since there are now 11 people, and that when Randy cut the music, it scared the crap out of him.  JLo said the judges didn't understand why he was in the bottom, and then my damn Tivo cut off.  I'll have to read someone else's recap to find out what she said.  Damn live TV.

So, there it is, everyone's safe.  Time to figure out my pool rankings!


Kerri said...

first thing this morning i came to read your recap, val.

first of all:
YES!!! so great that stevie came out. steven seemed genuinely surprised and so touched. AWESOMENESS. my fav. opening ever!!

then: casey?!! really WTF!!! and like you, i blame myself for not voting. for in fact, sleeping thru all of idol on wed. night and not voting for casey. i want him to win the whole thing. and the fact that he got the least amount of votes has me very confused. unless everyone thinks he's so great that they don't need to vote for him to keep him safe. all i know is, i will be sure to vote for him every week from now on. lesson learned! ;) but oh gosh, i thought for sure he was going to throw up when he got uber dramatic and started shaking and stuff. kind of creepy.

my effing drv cut off too when jlo was given her words of wisdom. but i did hear her say something about showing us the musician he really is- (as if he hasn't every time?!)

i thought it was cool that randy stopped the song. b/c really, c'mon. we know he can sing the shit out of any song. of course he's worth saving!!

it's so hard for me to believer the randy travis jr. is getting more votes than casey. what the heck is going on in america?!?!

Valerie said...

Randy Travis, Jr.! Haha!! He'll be fine in the country world, but he's not an American Idol. My dad thinks he'll be as big as Carrie Underwood. I don't agree with that because I don't think he'll be able to cross-over to pop like she does. Scotty is from the town where a friend of mine lives. Her 12-year-old twin daughters LOVE him. I asked if they'd still like him if he weren't from their town...they said yes, but I'm dubious....