Danza Kuduro

I first heard this song in Zumba classes and always love when it comes on.

Then, when we were on vacation in the Dominican Republic a couple weeks ago, we were sitting near the pool, late at night...probably midnight.  We were alone, but could hear the music playing at a bar nearby.  This song came on and the bartenders and servers were singing and dancing around the bar.  When it was over, they played it again.  The next night, we were at the same bar, and it came on and everyone let loose again.  It became our anthem for the trip.  One night it came on as we were leaving the bar, and we conga-lined our way out.

Now when I hear it I just think of sunny skies and beaches and pools and fruity rum drinks and fun with my friends. I have no idea what made me think of it right now...feeling wistful, I suppose.  I just figured I'd share with everyone. (BTW...ignore the "acting" at the beginning.)


Kerri said...

oh. my. god.
just watched that video of the model falling on the runway that you posted on my blog. how in the world did you find it? so, so funny. first of all, the fall of a model is just funny. and then the new reporter's laughter was so contagious. made my day. thanks.
and please! i love your long comments on my blog- never apologize for that. and then i won't have to either, okay?! ;)

Valerie said...

Glad you enjoyed the video. That's our local news, and I actually saw it happen live several years ago. Those two used to cut up all the time--it was fun to watch them. The guy on the left took a buyout a coupe years ago after, I think 25-30 years with the station. When he left they ran clips of his best moments...this was one of them. That's when I discovered it was on YouTube.

It's a deal on the long comments. You're my most frequent and regular commenter, so I appreciate anything and all you have to say. :o)