Cutting down to 12

It's elimination night.

There's a long, dramatic, recap of what happened last night.  Ryan comes out and tells us tonight Diddy Dirty Money will perform, as will Adam Lambert.  (Yay!)  Then we learn that 30 million votes come in.  Someone will be eliminated, unless the judges opt to use their one-time save.  They can do this any time up until there are five contestants left.

Ryan brings out the contestants, and points out that Casey's missing from the group, because he's sick and in the hospital.  Oh no!!  I searched around the internet trying to find out why, but haven't found anything definitive.  I did see that he was also in the hospital on Feb. 25, with stomach pains.  I hope he's okay!

After that, we see the contestant's new digs.  And then they perform a Michael Jackson group-sing medley.  They're singing live and not lip syncing...that's good for some (Pia, James), but not others (Lauren, Karen, Ashton), and they all sounded good on Man in the Mirror.

Before Ryan starts with the torture, we get to watch the Ford music video.  Eh.  Nothing too exciting.  Then, we see that they went to the premiere of Red Riding Hood.  Ugh.  Fast forward.  Too much filler.

FINALLY we start to hear some results.  Ryan calls up Jacob, Stefano and Karen.  Ryan says, "You are all safe..." the crowd cheers, and then he adds, "except, except, Karen."  Well, then that is not "you all" is it?

Adam Lambert performs next...he does an unplugged version of Aftermath.  Adam looks good!  I love him. 

Time for the next three to learn their fate.  Lauren, Ashton and Haley come on up.  Ryan summarized the judges comments on Lauren's performance, which weren't great.  Ryan asked her if she thought the judges were right, and she said, "Yeah, it wasn't good.  I watched it.  It was bad...and I'm sorry."  Aww.  She's about to break down in tears, and Ryan ends the pain by telling her she's safe.  Aston and Haley are both in the bottom three.  WHAT.  We don't have to sit through the torture for the rest of the kids?  Nice.   I think Ashton's outta here, and I don't think the judges would waste the save on her.  They already saved her once, and she didn't measure up.

Now JLo's ex, Diddy, performs.  He performs Coming Home featuring Skylar Grey.  Is that awkward for JLo?  Or for Diddy?  Interesting.  I wonder if they're still friends, or even just friendly.

And now we're gettin' down to the nitty-gritty*[ooh, more on this in a minute].  Karen's safe.  Haley's safe.  So, that leaves Aston to "sing for her life."  She decides to sing Diana Ross again.  Oh man.  It's worse than yesterday.  Well, of course it is--now her nerves are shot.  I feel bad for her.  Now that Barry Gordy's not there, maybe the judges will be more honest about her performance.  When she's finished singing, she's in tears.   This is painful.  JLo announces that they won't be saving her.  "Not this time, baby.  Not this time.  And, it was unanimous.  You know I was rooting for you, baby.  I'm sorry." 

They show Ashton's journey to David Cook's Don't You Forget About Me.  So there it is.  We'll see what happens next week.

*Now, back to that little line, "And now we're gettin' down to the nitty-gritty."  I was thinking of Whodini song, Five Minutes of Funk, when I wrote that.   Five minutes of funk, this ain't no junk, so pull your bottom, off the tree stump, ladies real pretty, from city to city, but now we're getting down to the nitty gritty.  Sorry, I got lost there. 

Here, listen for yourself.  (The line above comes at 3:00.)


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