12 to 11 on AI

I'm late watching the show tonight, so this will be brief.

Lee Dwyze is going to perform tonight, and AI is raising money for relief efforts in Japan.  Steven Tyler is dressed like a 65-year-old woman on a cruise.  Or, as @jojoribant on Twitter said, "Why is steven tyler dressed like a connecticut wasp cougar?"

Opening number was a mash-up of Born to Be Wild and Gaga's Born this Way.  AI's taking notes from Glee, it seems.

Ford commercial.  Interviews.  Mention of St. Patty's Day. 

Lee Dwyze sounds a bit timid at first, but ultimately gives a nice performance.  Maybe he was having flashbacks of being on the Idol stage in front of Simon. 

Black Eyed Peas perform "Just Can't Get Enough" -- it's a world premiere performance.  Fergie looks different tonight...kind of like Debbie Harry.  I think it's her bright pink lipstick.  I like this song a lot and it reminds me that I've been meaning to get their new album.

Down to business:  Haley, Naima and Karen are in the bottom three.  I don't think Haley belongs there, but I understand why she is.

Turns out Karen had the fewest votes.  She has to sing for her life, and the judges may or may not save her.  She sings Mariah's Hero.  An English/Spanish version, of course.  She was doing well and then hit a bad note at the crescendo of the song.  I don't think the judges will be using their save tonight. 

Randy says it was not a unanimous decision, but they will not be saving her.  I suspect JLo wanted to keep her there.

On to next week!

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Kerri said...

ok, i didn't even notice how funny steven tyler's outfit was until you said you looked like a 65-year old woamn on a cruise. oh yes!! he totally does!!

not sad at all that karen got booted off.