So, I'm a little late with this

Just a few comments about last night's Oscars.

  • Overall: pretty lackluster show.
  • James Franco - What happened, dude?
  • Anne Hathaway - she tried, but too much giggling. I think she was overcompensating since James wasn't giving her any support.
  • The King's Speech = Best Film. YAY!
  • Colin Firth's win--love it. Loved his speech too.
  • Christian Bale--loved his win too...these were the only three I really cared about.
  • Sandra Bullock - looked gorgeous, and based on her few minutes on stage as she present the Best Actor award, should be next year's host.
  • Natalie Portman - I think she's a terrific actress and think her Oscar is so well-deserved, but didn't it seem like she got about three times as much time for her speech? Where was the orchestral nudge?
  • I didn't know "Chuck" can sing!
  • FINALLY, during the In Memoriam section, they either muted out the applause, or asked the audience not to applaud until the end. FINALLY.
  • The In Memoriam ended with Lena Horne and then Halle Berry came out for a short tribute. The tribute was nice, but it kind of seemed like an afterthought. It was like the producers realized, "Oh man...we don't have ANY black people on this show. Let's bring out Halle Berry and do a tribue to Lena Horne." Token.
  • Loved the guy who won for Best Live Action Short Film, Luke Matheny. Can't wait to see his God of Love on iTunes.

That's all folks.

In other news, I'm finally all caught up on American Idol and will start blogging about that again tomorrow. I already have a few favorite guys...looking forward to watching them perform.

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Kerri said...

yes- james franco was super awkward and poor anne had to act like she thought he was funny. too bad for her. if she had been paired up with someone like alec baldwin, it coulda been great, but now she'll never get to host again.