My curiosity got the best of me

Do I dare declare, here and now, that this is it for my American Idol updates? I'm afraid so, people. I'm just not interested in the show without Simon. The only caveat would be if they suddenly announced that Harry Connick, Jr. will be the new judge.
That was me on May 26, 2010. And at that time, that's honestly how I felt. But then I heard about Steven Tyler and J-Lo coming on board, and Ellen and, more importantly, Kara leaving. Then I heard about adjustments to the competition and about the record-producer mentor. I still figured it wasn't enough to get me watching. Then I saw Randy, Ryan, J-Lo and Steven Tyler on Jay Leno, and gosh darnit--they were fun. They seemed to have great chemistry together, and then the thought started to creep into my head. Hmm...well maybe I'll watch the first couple of shows and see how it is. And then this completely won me over.

How can I not tune in to watch Steven Tyler on AI?

I recorded the first two shows and watched them this weekend, and dagnabbit...I might be hooked. Again. And I gotta say, while I loved Simon, I didn't really miss him during these first two shows. J-Lo is very sweet, and Steven Tyler is a stitch. He sings along, or provides accompaniment while drumming on the table. He's just fun to watch. It's like a breath of fresh air.

I was thinking about how different it must be for contestants now versus the very first season of AI. The first season, the contestants may have known who Paula Abdul, but I'm sure they didn't know Randy and Simon. Now, imagine the kids coming in to perform for Steven Tyler and J-Lo! That must be so intimidating and thrilling. Two bona-fide superstars are there to hear them sing. That's kinda cool.

So, I'm eating my words from last year, and I'm in, for now. We'll see how it goes when we get to the actual competition. (See how I left myself a little out there, just in case?)

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