Golden Globes

I'm sitting here watching the oh-so-painful red carpet coverage before the Golden Globes. The questions are so awkward and Carson Daly and some British chick named Alexa, that I don't know, have no command over their interviews. It's just AWKWARD. What I am appreciating are the snarky responses from some of the celebrities. Talking about her dress, Carson asked Sandra Bullock, "What is this? This is lovely." Sandra's response: "It's a dress...."


Anyway, tonight, I'm mainly pulling for Christian Bale to win Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter and Modern Family to win Best TV Comedy, and Boardwalk Empire as Best TV Drama. Also looking forward to watching Ricky Gervais as host.

Speaking of whom, he really dinged The Tourist. He said, "It was a big year for 3-D movies: Toy Story, Depsicable Me, Tron...it seems like everything this year was three dimensional. Except the characters in The Tourist." Uncomfortable!

Anyway, on with the show. I'll post results later on.

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Kerri said...

ah, love that reply sandra gave! :)

and yes!! so glad christian bale won for that incredible performance in the fighter!!!