The Sing Off - Top 6 perform

The groups open tonight with Green Day's "21 Guns."   Nice job.

Two themes for tonight.  First, the groups will sing rock hits, next, they'll take on guilty pleasures.

First up are the Back Beats singing Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name.   I decree that Joanna Jones should sing all leads for this group.  The young lady singing lead tonight isn't nearly as strong as Joanna and could be a weak link for the group.  (In my opinion, of course.)  The background harmonies are great though.  The judges liked it, but for the first time for this group had quite a bit of constructive criticism.  They thought it was a little fast, and the song was better in the 2nd half than at the beginning.

Street Corner Symphony performs Creep by Radiohead.  It's amazing how six guys can sound like a full band with just their voices.  Wow, they really built up a crescendo to lead singer Jeremy Lister hitting an amazing note during the chorus.  I watched this performance three times.  The first time I thought they Jeremy was singing too low, but then I realized that's part of what makes it so great--and then that crescendo!  I also think Jeremy had tears in his eyes when it was over.  The song ends with "I don't belong here."  Maybe he's feeling that for some reason.  They absolutely belong there!  The judges loved that there was no choreography because that would've made it cheesy.  Nicole thought the background accompaniment was even better than the original recording.

Next is Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town.  Should be interesting to see how they handle a rock song since their sound is so R&B.  They're doing The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction.  Perfect.  Uh-oh...Jerry's out there shaking his hips!  Very nice--they do a bluesy-gospelly version, which is really the sound rock-and-roll derived from in the first place.  I loved it!   Judges loved it.  Ben Folds shared a little TMI...he used to listen to an Otis Redding album when he was a kid and he'd put the speaker on the floor so it would shake his butt.

On the Rocks comes out to perform Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me.  Great percussion on this song!  I loved the background sounds.  Guys!  This is a family show.  No writhing around on the floor like Madonna singing Like a Virgin!  Haha!  They were really good and it's obvious they were having fun.  Nicole wanted the lead singer to "own it a little bit more."  I'm not sure what she meant by that.  Shawn said he needed a little more edge, which I guess is what Nicole was talking about.

Groove for Thought is up next.  They've got the jazz sound down pat, so how will they do with  a rock song?  Tonight they are performing David Bowie's Changes.  I have mixed feelings about their performance.  On the one hand, they sound good--great harmonies and the lead singer Amanda has a great voice.  On the other hand, it was just kind of dull compared to the performances we've already seen.  Shawn gave them props for their great voices, but said he was hoping they stepped away from their jazz sound just a little bit and make changes to their style.  I agree with him completely.  And so does Nicole.  She said she's looking for more diversity in their sound.  Ben said it wasn't "rocking out" exactly, but he was moved by their performance.

And now the gospel group comes out for their turn.  Committed sings Every Breath You Take by The Police.  I love these guys, but I didn't love this performance.  Ben said that on the one hand, it was a beautiful performance, but on the other hand, "the judges wanna rock!"  Shawn points out that it was a problem with the arrangement.  Instead of being so upbeat, Shawn wishes they'd captured the haunting loneliness of the song.  Nicole agreed too.

Before we move on, I wanted to share Committed's performance from last week--this was fantastic:

Okay, back to the show.   Now it's time for the guilty pleasures.

The Back Beats take on Love Shack by the B-52s.  They were great this go around.  I loved their retro outfits and and dance moves, and, they sounded great.   I think it'd be hard to go wrong with that song.  Ben said, "that's more like it."  Shawn said, "That's what I'm talkin' about..hot and fun.  Hot and fun."

Time for Street Corner Symphony's second performance.  They sing Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners.  That was a fun performance.  This isn't my favorite song in the world, but the guys did a good job with it.  Judges loved it.

Jerry Lawson and the Talk of the Town sing The Commodores' Easy.   They guys say they'll be singing to the ladies.   Mmm.....I dunno.  They didn't melt this lady, but they sounded nice.  Judges loved it.

Next up, Groove for Thought do Hall & Oates' You Make My Dreams Come True.  They were good...did a little hip hop beat in the middle that I liked.  Judges loved their performance.  [Sorry...I wasn't paying much attention here, and didn't feel like rewinding.]

On the Rocks performs Kyrie by Mister Mister.  They're hoping this performance will be the bridge between entertainment and artistry that Ben Folds was looking for.  I think they accomplished it.  That was a great performance.  I'm not sure about their choreography, bu they sounded great.  Great harmonies.  Judges loved it, even though Ben and Shawn hate that song.

Committed does a boy band song so Nick Lachey is really happy.  They choose Backstreet Boys' I Want It That Way.  During rehearsals they're trying to pump up the sexy--something they don't typically do while singing in church.   They threw in some hips that were pretty sexy in my opinion!  I have a crush on one of these guys.  (The lead singing Apologize in the video above.)  Ah, Nick Lachey's upset they didn't do a 98 degrees song.  Can anyone name a 98 Degrees song off the top of their heads?  I can't think of one right now.  Judges liked it.  They redeemed themselves from the first song.

Now it's time for someone to go home.  If it were up to me, I'd let go of Groove for Thought.   Judges agree with me AGAIN. 

The group's swan song to say goodbye is Frank Sinatra's That's Life.  Great song choice.

Looking forward to Wednesday's show.

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