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I've decided to drop Desperate Housewives from my TV lineup, and Brothers & Sisters is hanging by a thread.

On DH, there is not one single story line that I am enjoying this season. Bree and "David" from 90210 (Brian Austin Green)--I don't buy them as a couple AT ALL. Gaby and the case of her newly discovered daughter is too much. I hate how she's ignoring Juanita in favor of her true biological daughter. Susan and her money woes--I've said it before and I'll say it again--SELL THE DAMN VOLVO! I like Mike, but now he's off in Alaska, so I can't even enjoy him on the screen. I usually love Lynette and Tom's relationship, but it's not enough. They keep hinting at some connection between Tom and Vanessa Williams, but it's not enough to keep me tuned in. I just don't care. Speaking of Vanessa Williams...I watched her play the exact same character for four years on Ugly Betty. Enough. And the episode where we learned of her phobia of little people was rather offensive. Worst of all is Paul Young being back. UGH. I hate his character. I hate his acting. I hate that they're trying to build drama over how he's going to exact revenge on his neighbors just because they didn't visit him in jail, when frankly, I just don't give a damn. This show used to be fun to watch. They'd leave you wondering what in the world is going to happen next, but now I find myself flipping the channels when it's on. It has overstayed its welcome.

As for Brothers and Sisters. I'm interested in Nora's new relationship with the radio guy. I love Scottie, but it seems like the writers just threw in the side story of his having cheated on Kevin at the last minute, without really considering his characters' background. I'm enjoying Kittie's story line, but she wasn't even in the episode this week, so it dragged. Sarah's annoying. Justin's annoying. I miss Rebecca. I miss the tension with Holly. Now that they're all friends, the show's no fun. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking I should just go ahead and drop it, but I really do want to see what they do with Nora's storyline. I'll give them a few more weeks.

In other news, a show that I really enjoyed was The Big C with Laura Linney. It started slowly, but after 3 shows I was hooked. It's very well written and I just adore Laura Linney. The season finale left me wanting more, which is what a show's supposed to do. I can't wait for season two, which I hope is coming. (I haven't heard yet whether it's been renewed.)

And finally, Thanksgiving is next week, so I'll be pulling out Home for the Holidays for my annual viewing. My family's coming to my house for the Big Day, and we're going to watch Pieces of April, my other annual Thanksgiving fave. Looking forward to it.


Jeanene said...

I can't believe you posted this because I was going to email you about DH! I dropped B&S a year or so ago, and after this week's episode I'm done with DH. That Paul Young story is so tired and we've already seen that! Enough already! There's no suspense or even humor to keep me interested. I'm done forever!

BTW, are you watching Raising Hope? It's not quite as good as Modern Family, but I'm enjoying it.

Valerie said...

I love Raising Hope. Cloris Leachman is the best. I loved the ep. where she was playing Jenga. Funny!

Kerri said...

interesting...i haven't watched DH in years, so i don't totally remember who's who- are you telling me DAVID from 90210 is dating the lady with red hair that used to be on Melrose?!! Very odd couple if that's who Bree is...

Valerie said...

Kerri--yes, Bree is the one with red hair from Melrose. Crazy right?