American Music Awards - 2010

Just watched the American Music Awards, and gosh--it was a pretty lackluster night. There's nothing I want to go back and watch again. I enjoyed Pink's performance. New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys closed the show, but I was never a screaming fan for either group. They were more of my sister's thing.

Here are the nominees and winners of the night, as well as some of my random commentary.

Rihanna starts off the show wearing ENORMOUS hoop earrings...5 inches in diameter. She does a decent job, but to be honest, I'm a little tired of her voice.

Favorite Soul/R&B Album: Usher beats Sade and Alicia Keys.

Favorite Band/Duo or Group (Pop/Rock) - interesting lineup: Black Eyed Peas, Lady Antebellum or Train. BEPs win. Interesting combination in that group of nominees.

Favorite Female Country Artist--Taylor Swift wins. She's there with long straight hair and bangs and looks so different. She beat Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.

Samuel L. Jackson comes out looking like he's manning a lighthouse. He's got on a pea coat, and his pants are tucked into boots. He introduces Kid Rock who sings "Times Like These." Nice song.

Favorite Latin Music Artist goes to Shakira, She beat Enrique Iglesias and Daddy Yankee (who would be my choice to win).

Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist is Rihanna, who beat Alicia Keys and Sade. (My fave would've been Alicia Keys.)

Favorite Country Male Artist nominees are Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Brad Paisley. I actually remember Luke Bryan from one of the challenges on Celebrity Apprentice, but alas, Brad Paisley is the winner.

Bon Jovi performs.  First, "What Do You Got" and then "You Give Love a Bad Name," and "It's My Life." Wow...haven't heard this medley of songs since....last week when they were on the Today Show. That's alright, it was a fun performance. The whole audience was on its feet.

The T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist nominees were Justin Bieber, Lady Antebellum, Travie McCoy or Mike Posner. Voting "just ended" and the winner is: Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift performs, but I'll refrain from my usual comments about her because I don't want my friend Kerri to get mad at me. ;o)

Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist nominees are: Justin Bieber, Eminem, and Usher. The AMA goes to J.B. Funny...he says he's not sure how this is possible since he's been singing Eminem since he was, "like, three years old" (I'm sure Eminem feels good about that), and that Usher is his mentor.

Favorite Country Band/Duo/Group: Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, and Rascal Flatts. Winner is: Lady Antebellum.

Favorite Alternative Rock nominees: Muse, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend. Muse wins. I'm glad because I like their song "Uprising."

Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist noms: Michael Bublé, Lady Antebellum, and Train. Michael Bublé takes it. His first AMA.

Ke$ha performs "We R Who We R." She needs to find a new theme. All of her songs are about going out, dancing, and drinking. Nothing wrong with those things...just that "Tick Tock" was enough on the subject.

Favorite Soul/R&B Male. Lady Antebellum come out to introduce this award. The guy with the beard said, "As a country band from Nashville, Tennessee, if there's one thing we know it's soul and R&B music." Heh, heh. Nominees are Chris Brown,Trey Songz, and Usher. Usher wins again.

Ryan Seacrest gets to announce Artist of the Year. There are five nominees: Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Katy Perry. What, no Usher? The winner is....J.B. What a surprise. He's the youngest person to ever win this award. Good for him. He invited Usher on stage to share the award as his mentor, best friend and big brother. Aww...that was sweet.

And finally, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys perform together, for the first time. I still contend that Howie's the cutest. I saw Michael C. from Project Runway grooving in the audience...looked like he was having a ball.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that.

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