What I'm not liking these days

  • Gretchen on Project Runway. I didn't like Ivy either, but she's already gone, so one down, one to go. Gretchen's ego takes up the whole room whenever the designers are together, and I'm tired of hearing her criticize everyone else's work mercilessly. Now, of course I realize a lot of that is due to how the show is edited, but still--she gave them plenty of material to work with. I don't really care for her designs either.

  • Better with You. This is a sitcom on ABC about three couples. One couple is newly engaged, the female's sister is part of a couple that's been married for ten years, and the girls' parents make up the third couple. This could be funny, but it's not, and tucked in between two shows that are VERY funny (The Middle and Modern Family) just makes its lack of humor all the more obvious.

  • Mike & Molly. I think I wrote about this before, but this show has an annoying laugh track and just isn't that funny.

  • Cancellation of Lone Star. This show only aired twice, and already, Fox has pulled it. I enjoyed it, but I guess I may have been the only one. The number of viewers dropped significantly from the first show to the second. Oh well.

  • The Biggest Loser. I still watch the show because I enjoy seeing the transformations of each contestant. What I don't like is that the show is two hours long, all the ridiculous product placement, and the constant talk of whether someone's a game player or not (aren't they all "game players" considering that they're on the show in the first place?). It's getting old. At least this season they've tried to shake it up a bit by having the 8 people below the yellow line competing to stay on the show. I dunno...this might be my last season watching.

That's all I can think of right now. Glad to get it off my chest.


Tink said...

Ugh - Gretchen is sort of horrible and prissy, isn't she? I mean, I don't think she's a terrible person or anything, just sort of low-level obnoxious and self-impressed.

Valerie said...