What I'm liking these days

  • Glee - tonight's episode about God and faith was great. I love the scenes the show has with Sue and her sister, and this week's didn't disappoint. It's great to see Jane Lynch show a tender side every once in a while. I thought the show was respectful of all beliefs (or lack thereof), and it wasn't preachy. It also had the best title: "Grilled Cheesus." (Finn found Jesus on his grilled cheese sandwich.)
  • Raising Hope - this show cracks me up. The site gags are hilarious, and you can't go wrong with Cloris Leachman as Maw-Maw. It's about a young kid who winds up raising his baby girl after his one night stand with a woman who turns out to be a serial killer. I know it doesn't sound like it, but trust me...it really is funny. Martha Plimpton's great too.
  • Maroon 5's new CD, Hands All Over. I feel like my friend Kerri has asked me several times how I'm liking it, and I just realized I never answered her question. Rude! Sorry Kerri! Anyway, I really like it. Songs About Jane is still my favorite of theirs, but this one's good. Lots of songs that have a great beat you can dance to. I love the collaboration with Lady Antebellum, "Out of Goodbyes." Great sounds.
  • Wednesday nights. I love ABC's line up--The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town--still great. I can do without Better with You, though, but this post is about what I like, so it doesn't really matter.
  • Project Runway. Jeez. Did you see it last week? **SPOILER ALERT** I was practically sobbing when one of the cast members, Mondo, announced that he's HIV positive. Whoa. I was really moved by that episode, and I'm so glad the rest of the cast were so supportive of him.
  • Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's History of Rap. This was fantastic! I made my own playlist based on the songs they did. There's a couple I don't know though. If you can help, what's the song they do after Soulja Boy? Also, what song does JT do right before they do "Slim Shady"? (Sorry for the ad that comes first.)
UPDATE 10/6/10:  My friend Jeanene came through.  In the comments, she provided a link to this blog post about the song list. Thanks Jeanene!

That should do it for now. Maybe tomorrow I won't be in a good mood and we'll go over the things I'm not liking these days....

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Jeanene said...

This is an awesome clip! Here's an article with the list of songs: