Sometimes you're better off not knowing everything

Earlier today, I quoted an old TV commercial to some friends in an email. The quote came out of nowhere: "Pretty sneaky, sis." I knew it was from a commercial. but I couldn't remember which commercial. Thanks to the Internet, it took me about a minute to find out. It was a Connect Four ad from 1981. I sent a note back to my friends saying, "I love the Internet" and provided a link to the ad on YouTube.

Later, I was watching Grey's Anatomy and they had a case of a man whose warts caused by HPV were out of control. His hands looks like tree branches. One of the doctors screamed "Oh my god!" when the patient got out of the car. Well, I guess I was curious as to whether that could really happen, so I did a search on "HPV out of control" and oh gosh. There was a case of a man they called "Tree Man" who had this exact affliction. Apparently there's a documentary movie about him. I found a news clip and watching it, I just felt sick to my stomach. I couldn't finish watching. My first thought was: that poor man. My second thought was, sometimes the Internet is not so great after all. You truly can find anything on the Internet, but sometimes it's better if you don't.

It's kind of like eating hotdogs. You probably don't really want to know what's in them.

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