A few things that make me happy

  • I'm sitting here listening to Macy Gray's "I Try" and realized that after all these years, I've never tired of this song. I still love it. But now when I listen to it, I always think about a day a couple years ago when I stopped at a convenience store for coffee on my way to work. This song came on, and I was singing to myself. Then I noticed the girl next to me was also singing. As was the cashier. Everyone was in their own world just singing along with Macy Gray, and that made me smile.

  • "Prince Radio" on Pandora. I was listening to it all afternoon yesterday and only skipped one song in, like, a 5-hour period. That's pretty good. I was giving "thumbs up" all over the place. There was Prince, a little Michael Jackson, a little James Brown, a little Ray Charles, some Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, Madonna, Diana Ross....it was awesome.

  • More about Prince. I heard rumors that he might begin touring again in December. Please, please, please let the rumors be true.

  • Wednesday nights: The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town.

  • Long weekends. I'm leaving work early tomorrow and am off on Friday. Woo-hoo!
Yep. That should hold me over for a while.


Kerri said...

i've heard that prince rumor too!! :)

have you ever heard ben taylor's cover of "i try" -- it's a really good one i think. look it up on youtube or something!

Valerie said...

No, I haven't heard that cover. Going to look for it now!