Fascinating project

I noticed on Facebook that a friend of mine "liked" something that said, "This Guy Took A Picture Of Himself Every Day For 8 Years." I learned my lesson a while back about clicking on those "I Like" things, so instead of following the link, I Googled the phrase.

Sure enough, there's a guy out there, who has taken his picture every day since 1996. He put together a video of each picture and it is simply fascinating to watch. You see how he ages, you see his different hairstyles, when he got pimples, when he wore glasses and didn't, when he grew facial hair, etc. It's really very cool.

His website is: http://www.c71123.com/daily_photo/. Check it out.

While you're there, be sure to read his FAQs...pretty entertaining.

In other news, I saw Red the other day with a friend of mine. It's about a group of former CIA agents trying to solve the mystery of why someone's coming after them now, after they've been retired for so many years. My friend and I both agreed that it's not going to win any awards, but it was fun. We also agreed that we both still love Bruce Willis. I think if you look up "twinkle in the eye," his picture should accompany the description. John Malkovich was hilarious, and Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman were great too.


Kerri said...

oh, that's cool. i'll got check it out.

my favorite exhibit at the museum on my last visit was a series of 4 sisters, taken each year for 25 or 30 years. it was so interesting to see the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) that take places year to year. also, just looking at expressions and body language, you could sort of identify happy and not-happy years.

Kerri said...

okay!! i just saw the video. THAT was so cool. and goes to show that a guy can really change his look around just by hair style alone!

anyway, i LOVED watching that. what a cool project!!!

Valerie said...

Kerri, that series on the sisters sounds really cool. Interesting about being able to see the happy and not-happy years. I wonder how I'd look over time like that. Hmmmm....