Best Grey's Ever

I'm working from home today and came across an episode of Grey's Anatomy running on the Lifetime channel. I'd even call it THE episode of Grey's.

It's called "As We Know It." It's the one where everything seems to be going wrong at the hospital. The chief has a heart attack, Dr. Bailey is about to give birth and her husband is in a car accident on his way to the hospital, and it's the one where someone, somehow, had a bomb implanted inside their body. (I didn't see the first 20 minutes today, and I don't remember how the bomb came to be.) The one with Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights as the bomb expert. Where Meredith surgically removes the bomb from the body and gingerly hands it to the bomb expert. As he proceed to walk out, very slowly, Meredith goes into the hall to watch him leave, and then....BOOM! OMG.

The first time I saw this episode whenever it first aired, I remember gasping, "Oh my god!" I just wasn't expecting it at all. Where's the happy ending? This time, I knew what was coming, and yet the tension just built up, up, up, and I still screamed "Oh my god!" That was one intense show. I can't keep track of how many seasons there have been of Grey's, but this is definitely their most memorable and well-done episode. Whoa.

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Erika said...

If I remember correctly, the bomb was a piece of ordnance from people doing some sort of civil war reenactment exercise. That was a good episode of Grey's. I have no opinion on if it's the best ever, as I have never been a regular watcher of the show, but it's probably the best one I have ever seen.