My Fall TV Schedule - 2010

I'm WAY behind, but I went through Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview and picked out my TV schedule. With no further ado:

  • The shows with asterisks are those that EW picked as the Best Five of the new season.  I decided to try them all at least once, but I'm most looking forward to Boardwalk Empire, which is about Atlantic City during Prohibition.  Martin Scorsese, Steve Buscemi, gangsters....all right up my alley.  The other four are Hawaii Five-O (which I'm not really that interested in, but decided to try because it's on EW's list), Lone Star, Blue Bloods and Raising Hope.
  • Really  looking forward to Wednesday nights--especially The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town.
  • Tuesday nights are tough, but I'll make it work.  That's what Tivos are for.
  • Glad to see Vanessa Williams found a new job so soon after Ugly Betty ended.  She'll be moving to Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives .
  • Decided to watch Mike & Molly strictly because I loved Melissa McCarthy as one of Christina Applegate's best friends on Samantha Who? 
  • Project Runway is on that list somewhere, but thanks to Tivo, I'm not sure of it's real time and couldn't be bothered to look it up.  It records in the middle of the night on Wednesdays, but I'm not sure of its true air time.  
We'll see how long all of these shows last.  I'm looking forward to the season though.

CORRECTION:  Hawaii Five-O is on CBS, not ABC.  Just FYI.  

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