You gotta see City Island

Just finished watching a movie with Andy Garcia (love him1) and Julianna Margulies called City Island. It came highly recommended by my sister, and she was right--it was great. It's a funny movie about a dysfunctional family who spend most of their time lying to and being suspicious of each other. The way the movie plays out, I was wondering if it may have been a stage play--I could totally see it as a play. It is diaglogue driven, so the locale shots are just secondary. I found a couple of continuity problems, but when I find those, I always just feel proud of myself for noticing.

Check it out, folks. It's on DVD. Oh, and watch the extra featurette called "Dinner with the Rizzo Family" -- good stuff.


Kerri said...

hi val! yes, i saw that one too, back when it was in the theaters and really liked it- i too love andy garcia. i saw him and his daughter (who plays his daughter in the movie) on a talk show promoting it so i went out and saw it the next day.

Valerie said...

AG's daughter is beautiful. It must've been hard for her to play a stripper in a movie with her dad there.

Funny, my sister was in Texas when she saw it--she was in Austin though.