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Time for the final four to perform: Kent, Robert, Adéchiké, and my girl Lauren. Three of them will move to the finale next week. To recap from last week, we lost Billy and José. I wasn't too surprised by that.

Dang, only four dancers and yet the show is still two hours long. Not necessary. Tonight they're dancing three times apiece. And this week, the judges can't save anyone...who stays and goes is up to the voters.

Guest judge tonight is Tyce Diorio--yay!

They spent a couple minutes talking about National Dance Day, but didn't share any footage. Perhaps we'll see that tomorrow. Oh, yes, Cat confirmed that we will indeed see highlights tomorrow.

So, Tyce choreographed our first performance - a Broadway routine with all four dancers. He said it's "Guys and Doll." Song: The Crapshooter's Dance. Cute routine--Lauren really seemed like the star and the others were her back up. Tyce said that Kent stood out, Robert did excellent, Lauren was beautiful, and he wants to see the fight in Adéchiké.

Now for the competition.

Lauren and Pasha dance an Argentine Tango, choreographed by Miriam Larici & Leonard Barrionuevo. Song: Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla. During rehearsals, Lauren was worried about playing a seductive character. Woo! Gorgeous! Nigel enjoyed the passion and intensity. Tyce said it was excellent. Mia said that Lauren just became a woman, and that it was mesmerizing. Mia felt like a voyeur, which she likes. Before Adam gave his comments, he first said a few words about Prop 8 being overturned in California. (Yay!) And then he proposed to Nigel. He then quoted Sting about Lauren and said, "Every little thing you do it magic."

We next get a little background info on Lauren. In high school, she was a cheerleader, part of the dance line, student body vice president, part of the teaching club...she does it all, doesn't she?

Adéchiké is up next. He's dancing an African Jazz routine (with a little Afro-Carribbean thrown in). He's partnered with All-Star Lauren, and it's choreographed by Sean Cheesman. The story is about the search for the path to freedom. Song: The Path by Ralph MacDonald. Wow--the choreography was so fast...AC did a good job. The style suits him. Nigel said that AC needs to watch his posture--he's not relaxed enough. Otherwise, good job. Tyce said AC danced it well, but it could've gone that much further. Mia didn't care for the execution of the piece. I guess I kind of know what they're saying. Lauren was definitely more expanded in her movements. Adam said he saw Lauren lose herself, but that he was conscious of AC being in the choreography.

Robert is working with a new choreographer, Jonathon Roberts, and is dancing with Anya. The piece is a Viennese Waltz. Song: Lost by Anouk. Lovely. Nigel said it was superbly danced. Tyce said that Robert wore the ballroom style like a suit. Mia said, "An Armani suit." She said it was so romantic. Adam that Robert owned it, and that he's on a little surge, and there may be interesting movement in the competition.

Here's Robert's background. He was 12 when his folks split up. His mom remarried, and Robert says it was the best thing that happened to their family. He moved to California after high school, and Channing Cooke from Season 6 is one of his roommates. Hmm...I don't really remember her.

Kent's next with Courtney and choreographer Doriana Sanchez for DISCO! Kent has NO clue about disco. I feel old. Song: When Love Takes Over by David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland. Oh my god--I thought Kent was going to spin off the stage with Courtney laid out over head. Nigel said that Kent kept the routine from being cheesy. Tyce said Kent did a good job, but that he needed to do just a little bit of research. Mia said it was rough for her. She said the partnering was solid, but when Kent wasn't partnering Courtney, it felt childlike and "bouncy, short, and squashy." Mia said it was his worst performance this season. Adam said that Mia's not totally wrong.

Now we're taken back to Kent's small hometown, Wapakoneta, Ohio. Kent was also a soccer player, but gave it up for dancing. Kent is the dancer in town--he says there aren't any male dancers in his town, not even many female dancers.

Lauren's now dancing a jazz routine from Sean Cheesman with Ade. This time she's playing a black widow. Song: Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix) by Kosheen. Applause, applause! Great job. Nigel said it was masculine work, but Lauren did it in a feminine way, and he hopes America will put her in the finale. I plan to do my part in a few minutes. Tyce said her dancing is spectacular. Mia and Tyce said it could've been more ferocious. Adam said, "I wanna hire you" and said it would be his privilege to work with her.

Adéchiké is now dancing with Kathryn to a piece choreographed by Dwight Rohden and Desmond Richardson. AC worked with them five or six years ago, and says that Dwight is the reason he wanted to become a dancer. Song: Fearless Love by Melissa Etheridge. I'm not sure what the dance style is--jazz? Hmmm....I think AC danced it okay, but I didn't love it. I think it's mainly because I didn't think of that song as being danceable. Nigel said AC lost a little wind toward the end, but added that he's done a wonderful job across the season. Tyce said AC put a bit of himself on the dancefloor, but that he needs to do more. Mia said she wanted more. Adam said that AC laid it all out there and that he's proud.

Now for his background: he grew up in the hood in Brooklyn. He said it's not cool to be a male dancer where he's from...good ole Bed-Stuy. The dance department chairperson from the Laguardia School of Performing Arts said that when she first met him, he was an "unfocused, undisciplined, unmotivated young dancer, and when he walked out the door, he was just the opposite." When the video clip was over, AC was in tears.

Robert and Dominic will be doing a hip-hop choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha. It's about two clowns who learn their circus is closing, and they're a little sad. It shows the dark side of a clown. [To me, all clowns ARE dark...I don't have a fear of them, per sé, I just don't really like clowns....] Anyway, I digress. Song: Scars by Basement Jaxx feat. Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk. Robert held his own against Dom, I must say. Nigel said the routine was tremendous, and that Robert was brilliant. Tyce said Robert really "showed up" to this piece. Mia said, "hip hop theater, what a concept." She then said it was "dope" and that Robert was perfect. Adam said that Robert out-danced Dominic's ass. I wouldn't take it that far.... Adam ended with "This night is yours."

Kent and Neil will be dancing a Travis Wall contemporary about two best friends, but then Kent learns Neil isn't the friend he thought he was, when Neil stabs him in the back. Song: How It Ends by DeVotchKa. Wow. That was phenomenal...so powerful. Nigel said it was absolutely chilling, and that it's the number of the show. Travis said that someone did stab him in the back recently. Nigel said Kent danced it brilliantly, and he hopes to see it again in the finale. Tyce said, "Are you kidding me?" He said excellence was just delivered. Amazing, fantastic. Mia said it's the first time she can't find words...and she's in tears. The combo of Kent, Neil and Travis was perfect. Adam said if this were the finale, Kent would've just won the show. I'd have to agree. That was stunning. I'll have to find it tomorrow and post it.

Wow...great performances tonight. It's hard to say who will be the top three. I think Kent and Lauren are there for sure. And I think Robert just might edge out Adéchiké. Despite his being in the bottom three several times, Robert pulled himself out of that spot over the past couple of weeks.

Can't wait to see what happens.

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