SYTYCD Top Three

During the intro to the show, they showed clips of dancers who were voted off earlier in the season, and it felt like I was seeing them for the first time--I'd forgotten all about them. That's the problem with going early, but at least they'll get to dance again during tomorrow night's performance (I assume).

Kent, Lauren and Robert are the top three. I'm still pulling for Lauren, but suspect that Kent's gonna win it all. We shall see.

It's late, so I'm going to be brief tonight. I'll only cover what the judges say if it's something worth repeating.

The show starts off with a video montage of the whole show. I wonder if the judges at that and realize where they made mistakes--we should've chosen him, instead of the guy we ended up with. My regret is that they didn't choose the guy from Brooklyn who was trying to break out of his surroundings. I forget his name--Mia went to Brooklyn and gave him the bad news.

Kent dances first with Lauren in a Bollywood routine. The routine's about a wedding ceremony, where the groom tries to get out of the marriage. The choreographer is Nakul Dev Mahajan. Song: Om Mangalam by Kambakkht Ishq (Soundtrack). The costumes are gorgeous. Great performance from both Kent and Lauren. Kent looks good in that style.

Oy, it's going to be a long night. They're all dancing four routines and a solo.

Lauren and Twitch are doing a Napoleon/Tabitha hip-hop routine about the struggle for power. Song: Power by Kanye West. They come out dressed as two political candadates about to debate...podiums are on the stage. Great routine! Lauren hit it hard--she was fantastic!

Robert and Mark doing a Tyce Diorio jazz routine are up next. The piece is all about energy. Song: Whip It by Devo. That was a good pairing. I think Robert's leaps and extensions were stronger than Mark's, but I still found my eyes drawn to Mark more.

An aside. I can't hear "Whip It" without thinking of Beavis singing it at fast speed while hopped up on sugar. I tried to find a clip of it, but was unsuccessful.

There's next an interview with Kent. His favorite routine was the prom routine with Lauren, where they shared The Kiss. He then danced his solo to The Finish Line by Train. Lovely.

Oh jeez...there's someone in the audience seemingly SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF just to hear herself. SHUT UP!!!!!

Lauren and Robert perform a contemporary routine from Dee Caspary. (In the intro, Cat said we'd see Lauren and KENT in rehearsal. Oops...live TV. Their routine is about them going home and finding peace in their journey. Their prop is a pillow, which represents home. Song: That Home by Cinematic Orhcestra. Very nice. Cool use of the pillow.

NOW it's Lauren with Kent doing a Mandy Moore jazz routine. Song: Hip to Be Square by Huey Lewis & the News. These two make a cute pair--and they dance so well together. Cute routine. This is the first routine of the night that the judges weren't too crazy about. Nigel said it wasn't challenging enough, but Mia said they danced it very well. Well, if it's not challenging enough, that's Mandy's fault, not the dancers.

Robert comes out for his solo to The District Sleeps Alone by The Postal Service. Great routine...I think the votes are all going to be very close.

Kent and Allison are up with a Stacey Tookey contemporary. by . This is about looking into a relationship that everyone thinks is perfect, but really isn't. Sundrenched World (Live Session) Joshua Radin. Stacey said she wanted to dig down and find Kent's maturity, and I think she did. One of his best...he got past the goofiness and gave a really moving performance. He even seemed a bit subdued at the end...and even upset a little. As Mia was commenting, he was fighting tears. Adam asked what's going on with Kent, and he said it's personal, but that he got to a point where the steps didn't matter anymore...Adam stopped him and said, "You have become an artist! You don't need this show." Golly--I'm feeling a little verklempt myself....

Time for Lauren's interview. Her favorite routine was also the prom dance with Kent. She said she's never shared an experience like that with someone on stage, and she's not just talking about The Kiss.

Her solo is to I'm Goin' Down by Mary J. Blige. I always love her song choices--always very soulful. Another great solo.

Robert and Kathryn, do a Spencer Liff Broadway routine about a police investigation being conducted by a sexy, hot interrogator (Kathryn). Song: Stay Cool - West Side Story (1961 soundtrack). That was a lot of fun to watch. The choreography was fantastic. At the end, we see that Robert split his pants during the routine--Cat said he literally danced his pants off. Judges loved it. Nigel & Adam had a little tiff where Nigel said the song was never performed on stage, and Adam said, "Oh yes it was. I've done it plenty of times." Adam won and Nigel backed off.

Lauren is cha-cha'ing with Pasha to a Melanie Lapatin & Tony Meredith routine. Man...Pasha's so sexy in the rehearsal video. Lauren's playing a "man-eater" in the routine...lucky girl. Song: Not Myself Tonight by Christina Aguilera. Woo!!! Lauren was great, again. Pasha was great-as always. NIgel said her performance looked damn near perfect. He added that she's the best contemporary girl they've had doing a ballroom routine. Nigel pointed out that they must've stopped putting buttons on Pasha's shirts. Cat said, "yeah, the scissors are in my room." Thanks Cat! Mia said if she were still dancing, she'd want to dance just like Lauren.

And finally, here are Kent and Robert doing a Malevos (Gangster) routine. Hmmm...it's a tango battle! The choreographers are....oops. Didn't catch their names, and they didn't show them on screen. Song: The Chosen/Drum Addict by Taylor Long. It was explained after that Malevos is what's done when male tango dancers practice with each other before performing with their female partners. Both guys did so well. Adam said he can't wait to work with them.

That's it! Tonight's was a great show. I'm still pulling for Lauren, but wouldn't be upset if Kent won. And, after tonight, I wouldn't even be upset if Robert won. He's finally grown on me, and I really enjoyed watching him tonight. Good luck to them all.

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