Project Runway catchup

I'm catching up on Tivo and watching Project Runway from last night. I am SOOOOO happy to see the cockiest, most obnoxious team of six people I've ever seen on this show get beaten by the misfit underdogs. Now I just hope Gretchen or Ivy goes home--their attitudes are the worst. And I don't like their designs. I really didn't understand Gretchen's wins. I just want her to go.

Ack. Ivy and Gretchen are still in...but, at least Gretchen found herself in the bottom two. Maybe now she'll find some humility.

Oh, and what's this? Tim put her in her place and now I"m smiling ear to ear!

This requires a direct quote. Tim Gunn said:
I have a few words for Team Luxe. I fundamentally do not understand your behavior and demeanor and affect on the runway. I don't get it. I don't know why you let Gretchen maniupulate control and bully you. I don't understand it. And AJ, you've taken the bullet and now I have to send you to the workroom to clean up your space.
HA! Perfect words, Tim!

Then during her solo interview, Ivy pulled her nose out of Gretchen's butt and said, ohhh...Tim's right.



Kerri said...

i haven't ever watched this show, but i did catch the first episode of "she's got the look" last week- have you seen that one yet?

Valerie said...

no, haven't seen "she's got the look" -- is it a fashion challenge? what channel?

previews for this week's project runway look interesting. looks like the guy who got thrown under the bus last week is taking revenge....