The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Really Fabulous

Summer shows are winding down, new season hasn't started yet, so we're in that summer lull and I'm finding myself with more time to watch DVDs. Let's recap what I've seen this week:

The Good. The Ghost Writer with Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan is England's former prime minister, and Ewan McGregor is hired as the ghost writer to write the prime minister's memoirs after the original ghost writer is found drowned. Ewan McGregor discovers some secrets in the prime minister's past, and finds himself in trouble. This was a good thriller. It came out just before Roman Polanski was arrested. I have mixed feelings about seeing, liking, and supporting something he directed, but I did.

The Bad. Hot Tub Time Machine. Okay, I knew going into this movie that it was going to bad, and that I probably had already seen the good parts in the previews, and I was right. But I still had some hope that the flashback to the 1980s would be a hoot, and there were parts that were funny, but mostly I just groaned at the jokes. My main gripe is that the movie relies too frequently on gross-out scenes that just weren't necessary, nor funny, for that matter.

The Ugly. Kick Ass, about a kid who decides to become a superhero, despite the fact that he has no superpowers. This movie was just disturbing. The main character comes across Nicolas Cage who plays an ex-cop out for revenge. He creates a superhero character of his own in order to exact revenge on various criminals. In the process, he grooms his young daughter to be his sidekick. Nick Cage and the daughter take the new superhero under their wings. This could've been a cute and funny premise, but instead the movie is excessively bloody and violent, and I found it hard to watch a 9-year-old assassinating guys left and right. Plus she gets beaten pretty harshly herself. It was just too much. Unfortunately, I see on IMDb that they're making a sequel. I don't know why.

And now, for the Really Fabulous. I bought Every Little Step, my favorite movie from 2009, a documentary about the casting for the revival of A Chorus Line on Broadway. I saw it twice in the theater and tonight was the 3rd time I've seen it. I love it all the more. As I wrote way back when, the creator of A Chorus Line got a bunch of dancers together and they just talked about their sometimes painful lives, why they got into dance, how they came to pursuing their dreams, etc. He recorded the session and created a show out of it. In the deleted scenes on the DVD, they play extended versions of these recordings and I can just hear the songs coming out of the words being spoken. Please add this to your Netflix queue. You won't be disappointed.

For even more FABULOSITY, I threw in another new DVD I got: it's Earth, Wind and Fire and Chicago together in concert at the Greek Theater. Deb and I saw this while staying with my aunt and uncle a few weeks ago, and it's a fantastic concert. I bought it as soon as I got home. EWF is amazing. Chicago has such a nice sound. But what makes the concert are the 7 or 8 songs they did together at the beginning and end of the show. Love it! Get it if you can. Again, you won't be disappointed.

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Kerri said...

yes i loved "every little step" too! and hot tub time machine could've been funny, but wasn't!!! i was so disappointed in that one...