BEST Comedy!!

I completely forgot the Emmys were on tonight and missed the first 45 minutes of the show. Not sure how this happened since NBC advertised the heck out of it. I just forgot to set Tivo, and got home late. Oh well. Based on what I saw, the best deserved award of the night (in my opinion) was Best Comedy for Modern Family. I'm thrilled! One, because it IS the best and funniest comedy on TV right now, and two, because it wasn't 30 Rock.

From what I saw, it seems that Jimmy Fallon did a good job as host. I also liked the music intros when presenters were coming on stage--kinda funky.

Happy for Mad Men as Best Drama, and for Kyra Sedgwick as Best Actress in a drama, even though I was really pulling for Connie Britton for Friday Night Lights.

I just checked the list of winners on IMDb, and am also thrilled for Eric Stonestreet, a.k.a. Cam, from Modern Family and Jane Lynch from Glee for their wins as Best Supporting Actors. Very well-deserved.

Good show, and it even ended on time.

Meanwhile, today my sister and I saw The Switch with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston. Eh, it was okay. A little slow in places, and pretty predictable, but not horrible. The little kid in the movie is adorable and steals the show.

For the first time, we experienced a fire alarm during the movie. Sounds like someone set it off by accident, but they still have to follow procedures and empty everyone out of the theater. We were outside for maybe 3 minutes and then were allowed back in. Deb and I were pretty impressed with how calm and orderly everyone was. All those years of hearing "walk, do not run, to the nearest exit" seems to have sunk in with everyone. Of course, things might have been different if there were an actual fire in the theater. Thank goodness that wasn't the case.


Kerri said...

i was so glad modern family won, and the eric stonestreet got the best actor! :) like you said, well-deserved. i thought jimmy did a good job. i saw him on larry king last week and he was very likeable. had only good things to say about people, seemed humble,...

i've never been in a theatre during a fire alarm- did you miss 3 min. of the movie- or did they pause it?

Valerie said...

Hi Kerri! You hit on what I like about Jimmy Fallon. On his show, he is very humble, and he's also a little starstruck when big stars come on his show--it's endearing.

They did stop the movie during the fire alarm...it didn't pick up exactly where it left off, but my guess is we missed no more than maybe 30 seconds.