America's Favorite Dancer Is...

Tonight's the season finale and we'll find out whether Lauren, Kent or Robert is America's Favorite Dancer.

The show opens right up with a routine from all the dancers and all-stars to Na by Nathan Lanier. Alex came out on a whelled chair and did a routine with his hands and arms. Love that he could be included. That was a great routine--full of energy. It was choreographed by Christopher Scott from LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). Makes sense--the routine was reminiscent of the routine LXD did on SYTYCD last year....one of the best dance performances I've ever seen. I hope to see them perform in person some day. Here's LXD:

Seven choreographers are at the judges table tonight. Cat started with Nigel, and then they showed a clip of his hairstyles over the year--played to the song "Hair." Pretty funny. Then there's Mia, who Cat says is never at a loss for words, even when she has to invent them. The clip of Mia-isms was annoying...her fake words and sounds aren't charming. Adam Shankman's clip showed all his various facial expressions. That one was funny. I love Adam! He's all decked out in a tux tonight. Then there's Tyce Diorio, Stacey Tookey, Kenny Ortega's back, and look who else is back: Mary Murphy. Where's she been?

Next segment shows clips from last night's performances. It really was a great show. Before commercial, Cat once again teased this super-spectacular special guest that we're going to see tonight. I can't imagine who it might be.

Now the judges get to choose their favorite dances to be performed again. Kenny Ortega chose Tyce Diorio's Shoeless Joe routine with Kent and Neil from Damn Yankees. Kenny felt this routine propelled Kent to the front of the pack. Great to see it again.

Nigel chose the routine with Billy and Ade, choreographed by Stacey Tookey, where Billy plays the homeless man. This was an amazing routine--I'm so glad we got to see it again too. Song: Mad World by Michael Andrews feat Gary Jules. Cat said this was a great moment for Billy--showed a real maturity.

Oh yay, we get a performance from Quest Crew--Hok and Dominic's group. Love them! Song: Suzy by Caravan Palace These guys (and gal) have such great moves. They even threw the Charleston into their routine! *Clap,clap clap!*

This time Cat said it's a "shocking" performance by a world superstar that we'll see later on. So, is it some actor doing a dance??? We shall see.

Mia's choice is next. She selected Fallen (by Alicia Keys), which Mia said has been described as dance short film. She said Comfort came back as a hip-hop super hero, and she added that it was Adéchiké's finest moment. This is the one about Comfort leaving an abusive relationship. I agree with Cat--it was almost better the second time.

Next clip segment was about all the romance throughout the season, including Adam's marriage proposal to Nigel. It was appropriately followed by Kent and Anya's performance to My First Kiss by 30H!3and Ke$ha. I love this routine, and whenever I hear the song on the radio, I think of it.

Tyce's favorite performance was another Tabitha and Napoleon piece with Robert and Dominic--a pair of clowns. Song: Scars by Basement Jaxx feat Kelis, Meleka Chipmunk. Another piece of hip-hop theater. I'd like to see that music used in something choreograhed by Sonja and performed by Mark--it reminds me of them.

We get another recap of National Dance Day.

And now, a special performance from Nigel. He walks out on stage with an enormous bandage on his foot and crutches, and said he stubbed his toe on Adam Shankman's wallet. Har, har. Then a little 7-year-old named Luke comes on stage and says, "I want to fill in for you." Nigel tells him, oh, if you want to make a fool of yourself, go ahead. And then the kid tapped his little heart out. What a cutie pie, and SO talented!

And now, two more tappers came out--the Manzari Brothers. These two apparently impressed Nigel on National Dance Day. I can see why--they were great.

So, an hour into the show and we haven't seen Lauren yet, though we've seen Kent twice. Is that a sign of some sort??

Oh, here comes Lauren and Pasha in their tango to Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla. This was Nigel's favorite, and he says it really made Lauren, as a contemporary dancer, stand out from the rest of the girls. Woo! That was hot! It seemed so intimate, like we shouldn't be watching.

Adam's favorite was what he calls the Piece of the Season--the one that makes people cry and talk about it. It was too Fix You by Coldplay with Robert and Allison. Adam said it's about everyone's need to be cared for. Cat said she'd probably cry again--well, I sure am. It starts about 27 seconds in, where Allison goes to take a step, and Robert holds on to her foot. Not to mention when he's walking for her at the end. Wow. I couldn't find a good quality video that enabled embedding...this is the best I could do:

Next is a Krump routine with last years' winner, Russell, and Lil C. Song: Hazardous by Buckmouth. I love that we get to see Lil C perform. They were great!

Mary Murphy's favorite routine was Jose and Dominic's Battle for the Beat by District 78.) And of course she put them on the hot tamale train, and screamed.

We next get to see the U.K.'s winner of SYTYCD, Charlie Bruce, performing with Neal to a Mandy Moore routine to I Surrender by Celine Dion. She's a beautiful dancer.

Cat brings the Top 3 to the stage. Robert's in a Bollywood costume. The dancer in 3rd place is.....Robert. Before she announced the result Cat said his costume is the best "exit costume" ever. Then she quickly reminded everyone that she doesn't know the results yet. I thought he'd be 3rd, but he should be really proud of himself. Robert thanked everyone who voted for him, and thanked all the other contestants that he got to share the stage with.

Adam gets to choose another favorite of the season, and he selected Lauren's hip-hop with Twitch, and said it's where Lauren established her dominance as the woman to beat. He said, "She, the contemporary queen, showed our hip-hop king who is the boss of the dance floor and in the process, she showed us what it was like to understand and become music." Song: My Chick Bad by Ludacris and Nicki Minaj. Here's another one with embedding disabled. You can see it on YouTube.

Now Cat gets to choose a favorite. She choice Sonja's routine to Hallelujah (Jeff Buckly) performed by Alex and Allison. Since Alex is injured, we can't see it live, so we're seeing the original version. That was a gorgeous routine.

Stacey Tookey's favorite was Robert's Bollywood with Billy. Ganesh from Bombay Dreams (soundtrack).

Mia gets to choose another favorite, and it's Kent's other piece with Neal. Song: How it Ends by DeVotchKa. I'm glad someone chose this. It's my fave of the whole season.

Black Gold performs the song used on the contestants' exit: Shine. They also showed a nice montage of the season's highlights.

Cat teases the surprise once more. I have a feeling it's going to be something campy and we're all going to be let down. Please prove me wrong, SYTYCD.

Here it is. Our very special surprise guest. But first, Cat gives a little history--she mentions Alex's hip-hop with Twitch. After Alex had to drop out, this special guest contacted SYTYCD and said he'd like to recreate the performance with Twitch. So, here is....."a genuine dance superstar"... ELLEN!!!!!!!!! OK, that's AWESOME!!!!!!! Song: Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon and LM*AO. I firggin' LOVE IT!! That was so good!! Alex came on stage after and Ellen said she mentioned jokingly that it'd be fun to do, and then she worked with Napoleon and Tabitha. Great pull, SYTYCD!

And now, for our winner. (But first a rundown of their journey on the show.) OK, now time for our winner. America's Favorite Dancer is: {{drumroll please}}


Woo-hoo!!! You go girl. She's been the only female in the contest for the last five or six weeks, I think, and she pulled it out. FANTASTIC! Here she is doing her thing:


Jeanene said...

Can we just talk about the elephant in the room on this show for the last several weeks? By elephant I mean Mia's hair styles.


What has been going on with her hair? It's mindboggling some shows! The crazy side braid thing on Wednesday was a mess. I was particularly confused by the "style" a few weeks ago when she had about 50 black bobby pins stuck in the side of her head. Was she trying to ground out the static electricity?

Valerie said...

that is too funny! you're so right. they could've have just as easily shown a clip of all of mia's hairstyles, right along with nigel's.

i think they should replace her next year with tyce diorio. at least he always looks the same. :o)