Who's leaving tonight?

Will it be Billy, or someone else? It's elimination night, once again, on SYTYCD.

The show opens to the Fosse-inspired group performance to All That Jazz by Lea DeLaria. Great routine from choreographer Kelley Abbey. Bill didn't dance in the opener, so my guess is he'll be going home.

Cat introduces the judges, and Kenny Ortega's joining them again tonight.

The show then pays tribute to dancer Denise Jefferson, who directed the Ailey School since 1984, and passed away recently. That's sad.

Cat brings all five dancers to the stage. We get a recap of Lauren's night. Here's the hip hop she did with Twitch. Loved it!

Lauren's safe. Then Kent is safe.

Then we get a guest performance. They gotta stretch the show out to an hour, after all. Tonight's guests are from the American Ballet Theater, performing the grand pas de deux from act III of Don Quixote. Ahh....so beautiful.

Back to the results. Adéchiké, José, and Robert come back on stage. She comes to AC first We got a recap of his night. Here are the two great pieces he performed last night. I won't mention the lackluster paso doble...these two pieces more than make up for it.

Adechike's solo:

Adechike's hip-hop with Comfort:

We also get the recaps of Robert and Jose. And these two are in the bottom three along with Billy. AC is safe.

Now I guess it all comes down to whether Billy can continue dancing or not.

Next up is another guest. It's DJ Smart dancing to Say You Will by Kanye West. Cat tells us that he blew the judges away in Vegas, but they never had time to show his whole routine. Wow...this guy has got the biggest quadriceps I've ever seen. He's so powerful. The dance is very impressive. His hands are chained through the whole performance. He moves from a full split on the ground to standing position without using his hands! Why wasn't he a contestant?!

They then show people's videos of them doing NappyTabs routine for National Dance Day. It looks like fun. The routine looked a little beyond my abilities, but I'm going to try it.

All-stars Lauren and Neil come together to perform to Night of the Dancing Flameby Roísín Murphy. Fun routine!

Time for the solos from Robert and Jose. Robert dances to Fireflies by Ron Pope. Great job. Jose dances to It's Just Begun by The Jimmy Castor Bunch. I think we've seen him perfomr to that song before...maybe during auditions. Wow..he bounced around in a one-arm handstand for the last five seconds.

Decision time for the judges. While they're gone, we get a performance from Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull. All-stars Lauren, Dominic and Allison dance in the background. I liked Pitbull's reggaeton sound in the middle, but I don't think I care for this song (I Like It) too much. Maybe it'll be one of those things that grows on me.

Time for the decision...Nigel says, "We haven't made up our minds. We've come to a conclusion." Hmm...does that mean they all get to stay? He first tells Robert that they judges don't think he's growing much. To Jose he says that he's stopped growing a little bit, but in his own work (breaking), he has grown. He tells Billy that he's set a precedent because this week is he first time the docs gave Billy the okay to dance, but he chose not too. Which, if he comes back next week to dance, means he's had a week to rest, while the others haven't. So, the judges have decided that none will go home this week. TWO people will go home next week.

Next week we'll get to see the Top 6, part deux. Jose lucked out, methinks.

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