SYTYCD - Top 6 - a night of great music

Hi folks,

No time for a lot of details tonight. I've got places to go, people to see, so tonight I'll give you the basics.

As you'll recall, the top 6 are dancing tonight, but two people will be going home this week. Tonight everyone's dancing three times. There's another guest judge tonight, 4-time U.S. ballroom champ, Toni Reopath.

Kent's dancing the cha-cha with Anya. Choreographed by Jean-Marc and France Genereux. It's Kent's second cha-cha, and this one is about a first kiss. Kent has to start in the audience and kiss a random girl. Lots of kisses for Kent this season. Okay, he didn't actually kiss her, he just held her head in his hand. Song: My First Kiss by 3OH!3 feat. Ke$ha. Anya's the teacher, Kent's the bad boy. (I guess we'll assume he's already 18 in this little play.) Fun routine, but his facial expressions got on my nerves. Mia critiqued him about it too. For the most part, the judges liked it.

Robert and Kathryn will dance a contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey. It's about the last moment's before going off to war and leaving a loved one behind. Song: Heaven is a Place on Earth by Katie Thompson. In an interesting twist, it's Kathryn who's going off to war. Very nice performance. They're a great pair. As Adam said, Robert "killed it." Adam also said that Kathryn is so stunning that it freaks him out. She truly is.

José's solo is next. Song: Giant Squid by RJD2.

Adéchiké reunited with Courtney for a Tyce Diorio jazz routine. Tyce said they're in a nightclub in Spanish Harlem--no inhibitions, and they just let it go. Song: Mantega by Dizzy Gillepsie. Another fun routine...they were off sync just for a couple of seconds, but otherwise great. Adam said instead of a lot of partnering like we've seen a lot of this season, it was "balls out dancing." Then he said, "did I just say that on TV?! L.A. won't see it." He said AC did a tremendous job. Nigel said there wasn't enough abandon from AC. He needed to look like he's letting himself go.

Lauren's solo. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Outstanding! Love her.

José gets to dance hip-hop with Comfort. Choreographers: Marty Kudelka & Dana Wilson. (Have we seen them before?) It's a traditional boy meets girl scenario in a club. Song: Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding. [Great music tonight!!] Not your typical hip hop song. I LOVED it! So charming! Nigel loved the cool vibe and funky feel of it, but he thought Jose wasn't quite there. Toni loved it. Mia didn't. Toni loved the character of the dance--I think that's what I liked too.

Billy's solo. Lights Go Down by Telepathe.

Kent's solo. A Song for You by Elliott Yamin. Another great song! Great solo--30 seconds wasn't enough. He was just getting into it, and it ended.

Lauren dances Broadway with Allison for a Tyce Diorio routine. First time this season that two girls are dancing together. The number is to show that these two girls can dance as well as any guys can. Song: Who's Got the Pain from the Damn Yankees (1994 original Broadway cast). Hmmm...I didn't love this routine. The theme Tyce told us about didn't really go with the Broadway music. They danced it well though. Adam loved it though, and said he already thinks about her as an all-star. Mia also said there's nothing to critique. Nigel loved it. He also goofed and said this is the first time two girls have performed together this season on American Idol. Oops.

Robert's solo. Song: A Beautiful Mess (From a Raining Jane Sessions) by Jason Mraz I think he's a beautiful dancer, but I still can't bring myself to root for him. I just don't know what it is. I'm not rooting against' him at all, but I just don't connect with him for some reason.

Billy and Ade will dance a contemporary piece with Ade. Stacey Tookey's back to choreograph. It's about two people on opposite ends of the spectrum...Ade's a business man who has everything. Billy is a homeless man with nothing. [There's a new comic strip running in the Post with this theme....in the comic strip, an unlikely friendship develops. Interesting.] Song: Mad World (alternate) by Michael Andrews feat Gary Jules. Wow...that was amazing. Billy's SO talented. Standing "O" from the audience AND 3 of 4 the judges. (Not Nigel.) Mia said it was sheer perfection. Adam said it was mag-NIF-i-cent.

Adéchiké - solo time. Song: Pretty Wings by Maxwell. For a minute there, I thought he did the same solo as last week, but I checked, and last week's was to Maxwell's This Woman's Work.. AC did a good job this week, but last week's was my fave.

Kent and José team up next for a Spencer Liff Broadway routine. It's about two guys working for a moving company, watching girls go by, and competing for who will get the girl. Song: From This Moment On from the Kiss Me Kate soundtrack. Great routine. Jose held his own against Kent tonight, but Kent's the better dancer for this style. I can already hear the judges comparing Kent to Gene Kelly. Who will be first to say it? Mia says this style of dancing fits him like a glove--he can even do his faces. Well, Adam didn't say Kent reminded him of Gene Kelly, but he did reference Gene Kelly in talking about the choreography. Close enough.

Lauren and Adéchiké are dancing a fox trot from Jean-Marc and France. Uh-oh...the fox trot can be the kiss of death...not always, but it can be. Song: Fever by Beyoncé. They performed well, but it didn't wow me. Judges had some criticism and weren't wowed either.

One more routine...thank goodness--it's almost 2 a.m.!

Robert and Billy for Bollywood by Nakul Dev Mahajan, who tells us that Bollywood is a mix of different styles of dance from all over the world. (This show is SO educational, right?) The story is two guys fighting for one role in the biggest Bollywood movie ever. Song: Ganesh from the Bombbay Dreams Sountrack. Both were great, but I think Robert looked best in this style. Toni liked Robert best. Mia liked Billy. He said Billy was great...Robert was brilliant.

My rankings for the dancers overall this week:

6. Jose
5. Adéchiké
4. Robert
3. Billy
2. Kent
1. Lauren

Tomorrow's elimination night, but I'm afraid I won't be here to record what happens. Take a break for a few days and will catch back up next week. Enjoy the show, and thanks for reading.

WAIT, what's this? At the end of the show, Cat announces that Lauren's with the medics. This is about 2 minutes after everyone was excited that there were no injuries tonight. I do hope Lauren's okay. She's gotta be here to dance so she can win this thing!

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