SYTYCD elimination night

Well, judging from my site statistics, people were VERY interested in Kent & Lauren's contemporary performance on Tuesday night--in particular, The Kiss. So, before we get to the elimination, here's their wonderful performance:

I don't know for certain, but I suspect the kiss was part of the choreography, but I also think Kent & Lauren may have really been into it at that moment, too.

Now onto last night's show. It opened with a heavenly group performance to Sting's "When We Dance." Everyone's dressed in white, and a smoke machine makes it look like they're dancing in the clouds. Ade was an angel...I wonder if he was filling in for Alex. Mia Michaels choreographed the piece--she is an amazing choreographer. Just an annoying judge.

SYTYCD got three Emmy nominations. One for Mia Michael's "Addiction," one for Stacey Tookey's "Fear" and one for Outstanding Makeup. Here are the two nominated performances for choreography:

Addiction (performed by Kupono and Kayla):

Fear (performed by Legacy and Kathryn):

Those are great performances, but I'm especially surprised and disappointed that Tyce Diorio's breast cancer piece wasn't nominated. It was my favorite from Season 5. Everyone was crying after this piece--how could it not be nominated?? As Nigel said at the end, Dance can express so many emotions without use of words, and this piece is the best proof of that. Nigel also said at that time that he'd be hugely surprised if it wasn't nominated. Well...I guess he's surprised. Here it is. I still get chills and teary-eyed when I watch it.

*Dabbing my eyes* - whew! Okay, back to the show.

Billy and Lauren are brought onto the stage. Wow--Billy's in the bottom two (he's joining Alex, who was already in the bottom three due to his injury). Adam said this is not about Billy's dancing, but he's not connecting with the people. Adam said he needs to pretend he's no longer in a competition, and just bring joy.

Lauren is safe.

The remaining five contestants come to the stage. Kent's safe. José is safe. Robert is safe. It's down to Ashley & Adéchiké. The dancer in danger is...Ashley. People probably voted for AC because they felt bad after Mia's bitchy remarks last night. Mia chimes in and says she doesn't know why Ashley's there, but she knows what to do. But then she admitted to coming off very harsh and insensitive last night, and she apologized if she hurt him in any way. She said she believes in him, and loves him, and said she'll always be "tough love Mama Mia." That was pretty classy. She's redeemed herself.

Next we get to see Anya and Pasha perform on the SYTYCD stage together for the first time since their audition back in Season 3. They dance to "Magic Carpet Ride (No Comprende Edit)" by Might Dub Katz. Whew! Those two are hot! Love them!!

The next performance is from the cast of In the Heights featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the music & lyrics. They perform "96,000," which refers to the winnings in a lottery. Great performance. I didn't *love* that show when we saw it a couple years ago, but I did like that song and performance.

Time for the solos. Billy's first. Song: "To Build a Home" by the Cinematic Orchestra. Good job--I wish he'd done more of his leaps though.

Ashley's next. Song: "Lost (Acoustic)" by Anouk. Ashley was great too. Amazing spin.

The judges go to deliberate, and meanwhile we get to see Natasha Bedingfield with her new song "Touch." The All-Stars dance. Hmm...I'm going to have to hear the song a few more times before I decide if I like it. I think it's one of those things that will probably grow on me. I enjoyed watching the All Stars though.

Time for the decision: Nigel says they're unanimous. The results of Alex's MRI came in last night and he has suffered a lacerated achilles tendon, which means it's detached from the bone. GASP! I am CRINGING as I type that. Alex has to have surgery on Tuesday and then rest for three months, so he's out of the competition. :o( I feel so bad for Alex--he seems crushed. Nigel said he's invited back next year. And Ashley and Billy are both safe for another week. Mia said he's "beyond special" as a dancer and a human being. They ran his highlights clip, and he really is a fantastic dancer. He thanked everyone for the opportunity, and he's going to miss his fellow contestants. There were tears everywhere. I do wish him a speedy recovery.

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