Monday, once again.

It really seems like Mondays come around way too frequently around here. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Here's what I got up to.

Watched Greenberg with Ben Stiller playing a rather sad sack. He's just out of a mental facility after suffering a nervous breakdown, staying at his brother's house while the brother and his famiy are on vacation. He meets and connects with the brother's assistant who's a rather pitiful case herself. I didn't love this movie, but can understand why it got good reviews. The performances were very good, especially Ben Stiller, but his character is so un-likeable that it was hard to root for him. My favorite character in the movie was the dog, actually. A beautiful German Shepherd. I'd say it's good for renting--am glad I didn't pay to see it in the theater.

  • Went to the Linganore Reggae Wine Festival. Linganore is a Maryland winery that hosts various festivals and wine tastings throughout the year. Deb and I went a couple years ago with a friend, and have now decided we'll make in an annual tradition. We don't do the wine tasting because we already know which wine we like best, so we bought a couple of bottles, then spread out on the lawn to enjoy our little picnic, and listen to reggae. Even though it was 95 degrees and we were too late to find a spot in the shade, we had a good time. Next time we'll come with a big umbrella or tent. There will be another reggae festival in October, so we'll try to hit that one too.

  • I re-watched Tom Hanks in Big. I added it to my Netflix queue after our recent visit to Coney Island. When we visited, we were trying to pick out where scenes from Big were filmed, but as it turns out, Coney Island only appears once in the movie--it's not the place that the kid found the fortune telling machine the first or second time. Instead, it's where he went on a date with Elizabeth Perkins. The movie's still a lot of fun to watch, even after (*gulp*) 22 years.
  • Saw The Kids Are All Right, with Deb. Julianne Moore and Annette Bening play a lesbian couple who have raised two kids. As the oldest kid turns 18, she does her 15-year-old brother a favor and makes a call to find out who their sperm donor is. Turns out it's Mark Ruffalo. This movie was funny, touching, very well-acted, very realistic, and worth the ten bucks. Deb and I both really enjoyed it. And can I just say that my crush on Mark Ruffalo continues to grow?

  • I'm reading book number two of the Millenium Trilogy, The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson, and am loving it. The (Swedish) movie is already playing, so I need to hurry and finish. My dad's already given me book three to read, so that will be next. I believe that movie comes out in December. I'm going to be sorry to see this story end.

So, overall, a pretty good weekend. Can't wait for the next one.


Kerri said...

i saw the kids are alright on sunday!

and i have an even bigger crush on mark ruffalo than you! ;) i thought they movie was REALLY well acted too. oh, and i have a crush on julianne moore too.

Valerie said...

LOL! I LOVE Julianne Moore--ever since her days on As the World Turns, when I was in high school or college. Your crush on Mr. Ruffalo can't be bigger. Mine's HUGE! :oP