Four guys and a girl

The Top 6 perform tonight on SYTYCD Cat tells us that we'll also get to learn a little about each dancer's family. We've got Adechike, Kent, Lauren, Jose, and Robert. Wait! Where's Billy??

Tonight is the 150th show. Six years, seven seasons--and I've seen and loved 'em all. There's a guest judge this evening--it's dancer, choreographer, director, producer, Kenny Ortega. He brought us Dirty Dancing; High School Musical 1, 2 and 3; and Michael Jackson's This Is It.

Nigel answers the question as to where Billy is. Another injury. He's hurt his knee. The doctor said Billy could dance if he felt up to it, and Billy opted out. Nigel mentioned needing to bring someone in to help with warm ups or something. So, once again, the injured dancer will go into the bottom three tomorrow night. Alex is in the audience too, and seems in good spirits.

This week, each dancer gets to perform three times: once with an all-star, once with another contestant and then solo.

Here we go:

Lauren gets to do a NappyTabs hip-hop with Twitch (who's wearing grey contacts...no me gusta. I'd rather see him wearing his silly glasses. Looking at his eyes is making my eyes water). Tabitha promises this is going to take us to the Wild, Wild West. In the dance, Lauren's the last girl standing and she's trying to prove she's just as bad as the guy in a show down. Song: My Chick Bad by Ludacris & Nicki Minaj. Lauren did an AWESOME job. This is one of the first times I paid more attention to whoever Twitch's partner is. Adam gave his usual, "Lauren, who are you? He told her she just tore it up out there. It was hot, hot, hot! Mia loved that Lauren was aggressive, but still maintained her sexiness. Kenny first thanked Nigel for having him on the show. Then he said Lauren has enough energy to power L.A. He said it was funky, sexy, and he loved the choreography. Nigel said she's grown tremondously, and added she was "nasty, buck, and it was a sick routine." That Nigel...

José's next, dancing with Allison to a Sonya Tayeh routine. It's about a couple who meets, then parts, and the different levels of a relationship. Jose says that he feels a connection to Allison and that the chemistry's already there. Allison said she has a secret crush on Jose, and that "he's kinda the love of my life." She also says that she melts when she sees him smile, and he looks into her eyes... Awwww.... Then she says, "Don't tell the girlfriend!" (Hmmm...does he have a girlfriend?) Song: Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Theme by Jon Brion. Wow...that was one of Sonya's most interesting pieces. It took place, literally, on the edge of the stage. I loved it. Sonya said this represents the risks you take when you're in love...Jose adds that it's that point in a relationship when you're afraid to fall, and afraid to be alone. You definitely could see all that in the choreography. I loved it. It was also good for Jose because he couldn't get lost in steps and form. Adam complimented Sonya on the choreography, and said the concept was so strong, however, it makes it difficult to critique Jose's dancing. He said his commitment was perfect, his partner work was excellent, but, he wasn't "dancing" much. Mia agreed with Adam. She commented that Sonya gave Jose pedestrian contemporary, which is based more on human gestures, versus technical movement. So, she didn't see much growth technically, but despite that, he did really well. Kenny said Jose was exquisite. Nigel pointed out that last week Jose's weaknesses were exposed, while this week, Sonya cleverly hid them.

Robert is next paired with Lauren (the all-star) for a Tyce Diorio jazz routine all about seduction. Tyce says there's no story, they just have to seduce each other. Song: Wasted Time by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Very well done, but I didn't feel the sexiness...probably because I'm not attracted to Robert. I never called out "Woo!" like I do with other sexy performances. Robert's a great dancer, but I just don't feel it. Now, if Pasha had been dancing that routine, it'd be another story. Adam said they were "smokin'." Mia liked the strong, clean jazz piece. And she said he's s strong, solid dancer. Kenny said it showed that Robert is grounded and he loved the liquid movement and turmoil in the piece. Nigel loved the flow of movement, and said that this show has encouraged a lot of guys to get into dancing, but he added that's because of dancers like Lauren.

Now it's parents' time. Adechike's mom said that he was a happy child, and gave him some great encouragement. He gets to dance the first solo. To, This Woman's Work by Maxwell. Oh...this is the best I've ever seen him. SOOO beautiful. Bravo! I'll have to find and post this one tomorrow.

Kent's up next with Kathryn. Another jazz number, this time from Sonya, and it's about having fun and accepting who you are. Sonya's goal is for Kent to really embrace what a great dancer he is. Song: Tightrope by Janelle Monae. Fun routine. Kent did a great job, but I have to agree with Mia that sometimes his face just gets too animated. It's distracting. Mia said it takes the choreographer's work to a juvenile level, and Sonya is not at juvenile level. Adam thought he was great. Kenny liked the choreography, and said Kent's the guy to beat. Nigel said for the last two weeks, Kent has almost out-danced the all stars. He also gave props to Sonya for the choreography.

New message from Robert's folks. I hope you don't mind, but I'm just going to skip through these.

Robert's solo is to Parachutes by Trevor Hall. He did a good job, but I liked Adechike's solo better. Oh, today's Robert's birthday--he's 20 years old. I think he looks older than that, like, at least 23.

Lauren's solo is next. Song: The Waves by Elisa. Love her. I"m definitely pulling for her to win this whole thing.

Next up is Adechike with Comfort, doing another NappyTabs hip-hop routine. This is another one about a relationship on the rocks...it's about when your mind tells you to leave, but your heart wants you to stay. They're dancing to the perfect song for this theme, Alicia Keys' Fallin'. I gotta say, Adechike brought it tonight...he was great! And in this routine, I felt the, passion, I guess...I didn't feel it in Robert's routine that was supposed to be so sexy. Adam said it was so intense, beautiful, horrifying, and so "my life." Ha! AC is in tears after the routine. Adam enjoyed seeing a contemporary dancer succeeding so well in hip-hop. Mia said it felt more real than any contemporary piece because it came from a raw place. She said it was like a dance film...like a movie. It was awesome. She said AC let so much out on the floor and we got a big taste of who he truly is. Kenny said it was truly dramatic, heartfelt, beautifully connected, impressive. (I really like his critiques...bring him back!) Nigel found it difficult to critique the dancing because it moved to another level. He said it reminds him of Bleeding Love and No Air. (See below, and I'll post AC's routine tomorrow.) Nigel said as exec producer on American Idol, he loathed this song because so many people sang it so badly. He now hopes Alicia Keys gets to see this routine because it's on equal par with the beauty of her own work. Nigel said AC just showed what he means when he talks about honesty in dancing.

Jose does his thing to Give It Up or Turnit a Loose by James Brown. Good job and it looked like he was having fun. I don't think he's the best b-boy I've seen, but he's just so darn likeable, I like to see what he does.

Kent does his solo to End of the Road (A Cappella) by Boyz II Men. Very impressive, and he controlled his facial expressions.

Time for the dancers to be paired with each other.

Robert & Lauren are first. They're doing a Dmitry Chaplin samba. Dmitry! Love him! The samba will be taking place at a beach party. Dmitry says it has to be really flirtatious from the girl, and really masculine from the guy. There's a lot of footwork, and the samba is the most difficult of the Latin dances. They perform to Drummer Boy (SYTYCD Remix) by Debi Nova. I believe this song was performed on the show earlier this season. They both did a great job. Adam said Robert's lines were so clean and his partner connection was great. He told Lauren that she could have a future in ballroom dancing. Mia said she was so pleased with Robert's performance because he actually looked like a samba dancer. She critiqued Lauren on being in plié too much. Whatever. Kenny said they performed extremely well at something they don't normally do. Nigel said that Robert's upper body reminded him of Dmitry. Nigel said Lauren made contact with the audience as well as her partner and she was very good.

AC & Jose will be doing a the first all-male paso doble. Here's Dmitry again...assisted by LEGACY. Yay!!! In this dance, the two matadors will be fighting for glory. Song: The Arrival/Rampage/Continued Existence by James Dooley. Hmmm...I usually love the paso doble, but this one didn't do it for me. They were talking earlier about flow of movement, and that just wasn't evident in this. AC did slightly better, but neither of them is a Dmitry. Adam commended their connection, but then commented about their technical flaws. For Jose, it's that he needs to stretch his legs and feet. AC needs more abandon. Mia said they did okay with it. She said they were beautiful to look at, but the technique wasn't there. She said they didn't have the carriage and poise necessary--I agree with her completely on that. Kenny said it was a valiant effort. Nigel agrees with everyone else, and said they were a little lacking this evening...it wasn't everything he wanted it to be.

And FINALLY, Kent will be dancing with Twitch in Billy's absence. They're doing a stepping routine for the first time on the show, choreographed by Chuck Maldonado. This has been done by black fraternities since the late 1950s and it's about percussion. Song: Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) by Kid Sister. Hmmm....I'm afraid something got lost in the translation here. First of all, the music was too loud, so you couldn't hear their steps. Second, talk about a fish out of water--Kent looked so awkward. Twitch looked great though (despite those dang grey contacts). Adam thanks the show's producers for introduced new dance styles to America. Adam thought Kent kicked its ass. I dunno. My guess is that Adam may never have been to a step show before. He got props from Mia too. She loved Kent & Twitch's chemistry together. Maybe I need to watch it again. Apparently I missed something. Mia says Kent's the one to beat. Kenny worked with Chuck Maldonado to bring stepping to the Olympics for the first time, and is glad he's here to see it on SYTYCD for the first time. He liked Kent's performance too. Nigel points out that this is not really the first time stepping has been on the show, and seemed a little upset that everyone forgot the piece he choreographed with Chuck Maldonado called Five Guys Named Moe. (Look for stepping around 1:28--that was a good routine.)

Whew--with three dances each, the show seemed extremely long. I think AC and Lauren were tops tonight. Technically, Jose should probably go home tomorrow, but if Billy can't dance, Billy will probably be the one to leave. Jose might get another stay.

So, my order for the dancers tonight is:

5. Jose
4. Robert
3. Kent
2. AC
1. Lauren

Thoughts? Please feel free to share--what did I miss, am I crazy or do I have it right? [Note, you don't have to have a blogger account to comment. You can choose "Name/URL" and then just type your name in. Come on, don't be shy! :o)

And now, as promised:

No Air:

Bleeding Love:

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