DVR Alert!

I just learned that the Independent Film Channel (IFC) is running episodes of my favorite show of all time, Freaks & Geeks! The pilot episode ran last week, and ep. 2 will be showing various times this weekend--including 11:00pm eastern. (Looks like the pilot runs several times too.)

If you're not familiar with this show, I HIGHLY recommend it! You'll recognize a lot of faces, including that cutie pie, James Franco.

I'm so happy, which is actually kind of strange since I own the DVD set and can watch it any time. I guess I'm really excited for you, dear reader, because if you've never seen the show, here's your chance!


gallery said...

hello! warm greeting ^^!
you have a nice blog 0_0

Kerri said...

never seen it so i'll check it out if i have that channel. ???
btw, did you know james frano is currently on some soap opera?!!

Valerie said...

@Kerri, if you don't have IFC, you should be able to get F&G at Blockbuster or Netflix. ;o)

I did see James Franco on the cover of Soap Opera Digest while I was at the grocery store. I *think* it's General Hospital. He was on before, left, and now he's back. I knew he was doing that, but I've never heard an explanation as to WHY he's doing it.

@gallery--thanks, and thanks for stopping by!