Chuckling over here.

On Sunday evenings, I'm watching the show "Hung" on Showtime. If you don't know, it's about a guy who uses his, ahem, best asset, to earn money--yes, he's a male prostitute. I watched it last night and it was a decent show.

Tonight, I was checking Tivo to see what I needed to watch, and I see that Hung is being recorded again. This was weird because I have it set to record new shows only, no repeats. I read the description and see it has something to do with someone trying to convince campers to do something.

I was like, huh? What campers?

Then I looked at the title of the show again...oh. It's Huge, not Hung, on the ABC Family channel. Oops. Still, it's kind of funny how the title "Huge" could work for the Hung show too, couldn't it?

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