Champagne dreams and caviar wishes

So, I've been watching episodes of HGTV's Selling New York about two real estate brokerage companies in NYC, catering to the very well-to-do. On the first episode I saw, the mother and daughter team from one company drove out to Connecticut to scout out homes for clients who wish to have a "country home." They don't have time to look themselves. The first house they looked at was $4 million, 14,000 square feet. FOURTEEN THOUSAND square feet. This place had a BALLROOM inside of it. The second house was $7 million and had a pool and tennis courts.

The agent from another company was working with a male couple to first sell their current home, and buy their next home. One place they visited was about 1200 square feet (close to the size of my modest little home). It was only $1.99 million. A bargain! This couple insisted on a doorman and a gourmet kitchen. In reference to the doorman, one guy actually said, "It's really necessary."

The architecture and design in these places is gorgeous. Some beautiful views of Manhattan. I would love to just see one of these places in person.

On the next show I watched, a gentleman's dilemma was: "do I build a two-story living space above my showroom, for me to live here, or, should I shop around for an apartment elsewhere." What to do, what to do. Turns out he owns the air rights above his store, so, it sounds like he'll go ahead and build two stories of living space above it.


It must be nice.

If I ever come into a bunch of money, the first thing I'm going to do is buy a penthouse in Manhattan. I'll be buying a lottery ticket tomorrow, just in case tomorrow's my day.

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