Bye-bye night on SYTYCD

The show opens with the group performance, including the all-stars, to Charleston (from Billion Dollar Baby)from Jerome Robbins Broadway. Cute routine taking place in a speakeasy. I don't see Ashley, so I'm guessing she's still injured, and will probably be out tonight. Tonight's opener was choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

Cat reminds us that Ashley's automatically in the bottom three, but didn't provide an update on how Ashley's doing. I guess we'll do that right before she's eliminated. Gotta fill out an hour in the meantime.

We are also reminded about National Dance Day and they showed videos people have sent in of them attempting NappyTab's dance routine.

Also, before we start going through the contestants, here's my favorite dance from last night, choreographed by Travis, and performed by Robert and Allison to Coldplay's Fix You (I don't know why the picture is flipped backwards...):

Aw...so lovely.

OK, time to go through the contestants.

Kent and Lauren come out first. I'm sure both are safe. They are.

Time for a guest performance. The dancers are from Mary Murphy's Champion Ballroom Academy...they're trained by Igor Ustymouych (yeah, I had to look that up) and Olga Ginsburg, the dancers are Fernando and Lauren. They're junior dancers--probably 11 years old I'd guess--dancing to Elvis Presley'sJailhouse Rock by Elvis. OK, Lauren's 10 and Fernando's 11. Very cute...they were good.

Back to the results.

The next two up are Billy and Adéchiké. I think Billy might be in danger. I was right. Billy's in the bottom three. AC is safe. I had a discussion with my friend Katherine about Billy earlier today. We think the problem is that he can't really *do* masculine. He looks awkward when partnering with the ladies. He's beautiful and brilliant when he dances solo though. Which we'll get to see again later.

Next out are José and Robert. I think Jose will be in the bottom this time. Jeez, I just got all teary again just watching the clip of Robert's dance with Allison. I was right again. Robert's safe. Jose's in the bottom three for the first time.

Next up are dancers from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Jamar Roberts and Rachael McLaren perform an excerpt of excerpt of Ulysses Dove's Bad Blood to Gravity's Angel by Laurie Anderson. Wow...Jamar is SO strong and powerful. It seemed like Rachael must weigh only 20 pounds.

Time for a reintroduction of some of the all-stars, Twitch and Comfort. I love Twitch! We get to see them perform to Chris Brown's Forever, choreographed by Dave Scott. They first danced this together during season 4...it was the first time two hip-hoppers partnered on the show. Here they are the first time they did it:

Billy's solo is next. He's dancing to Stand by Me by Ben E. King. Like I said--amazing when he's performing solo.

After commercials, Jose does his solo to Chicken Bone Circuit by RJD2. He did a good job.

Time for the judges to go deliberate. While they're gone, we get a performance from Christina Perri. Cat tells us that two weeks ago, Christina was a waitress. Stacey Tookey used her song in a routine with Billy & Kathryn (embedding's disabled on this one), and since then she's sold 100,000 copies of Jar of Hearts. It is a great song...might have to download it myself. Neil and Allison perform too, and are wonderful together. How cool for Christina to perform live on SYTYCD when it's this show that made her song so popular in the first place.

Time for the judges' decision. Ashely is on the stage with Jose and Billy. Nigel starts with Jose...and said tonight he showed himself as someone fighting to stay on this show. Nigel tells Billy that the judges all think he's on the right track, and he's doing well, yet here here he is in the bottom three. They thought his solo went back to his default moves that we've seen before. Nigel tells Ashley that she needs 3-5 weeks rest, according to her doctors, so they have to let her go this week. He wants her to get better now, so that she can participate when they go on tour.

Poor Ashley. She says she's very disappointed, but that the experience has been the most amazing thing she's done.

So, that means Lauren is the only girl left. Wow.

Looking forward to next week already.

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