Another summer show

I'm watching yet another show on the USA network called Covert Affairs. I just love USA's shows, and this one doesn't disappoint. (I'm happy that Psych is back too, and White Collar is starting soon.) Covert Affairs stars Piper Perabo as a rookie CIA agent. The first episode reminded me a lot of Alias with the disguises and fight scenes. Piper Perabo even looks and sounds like Jennifer Garner sometimes. On the show, Piper's developing a cool friendship with a blind, gadgets guy, played by Christopher Gorham, also known as Henry from Ugly Betty. He's kinda cute without the glasses and regular clothes.

Just a couple of problems with the show...one is the actress who plays Piper's boss. She was on 24, and since then, I've just never cared for her. She was also on ER and I didn't like her there either. She just comes off as really cold, which despite the fact that her characters are written that way, she's like ice, and it's just a little off-putting. I also don't think the side story of the ice queen's marriage to Peter Gallagher's character requires so much attention.

The other problem is that since the show is supposed to take place in the DC area, I have to pretend, really hard, that I don't know what DC looks like. It's cool to hear all the places in Maryland and Virginia that I'm familiar with--Rockville, Bethesda. But last week, there was a chase scene in the subway system that I couldn't get past. First of all, DC's subway is not called even called "subway," it's called "Metro." Second, the station was so bright, and had grey flooring, and was very clean. Metro stations are dark with burnt orange floors and ceilings and walls that remind me of the Death Star from Star Wars.

Still, I've dealt with this same thing on the show Lie to Me, and I've managed to get past it, so I'm sure I will with Covert Affairs too.


Mark said...

I'm digging Covert Affairs too, and I have to also willfully suspend disbelief about the DC environs. According to the pilot episode last week, the Smithsonian Castle is one of those spooky-magical places that's three times bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Kerri said...

that seems weird to me that they couldn't get that stuff right?!

i haven't heard of that show, but i'll look to check it out-
thanks! :)

Valerie said...

@Mark, I totally forgot about the Smithsonian Castle! In addition to its enormous size on the inside, wasn't the building a white-ish color rather than its true reddish color? Seeing as I used to eat lunch over there on most good-weather days, that was also rather disconcerting. At least make the building the right color!

@Kerri--I think you'll like it. Let me know. :o)