SYTYCD Top 10 perform

It's SYTYCD night--yay! We get some backstage scenes and dramatic music as Cat opens the show. Not necessary--the backstage stuff didn't work on AI, and they shouldn't do it here either.

Last week, the Top 10 each selected one of the 12 All-Star (AS) dancers from a hat. The selected AS dancer then announced which genre they'd be performing. Here's this week's line up:
  • Billy - Comfort - Krump
  • Lauren - Dominic (yay!) - Lyrical Hip Hop (I think that means a Napoleon/Tabitha routine)
  • Adéchiké (AC) - Allison - Contemporary
  • Kent - Courtney - Jazz
  • Melinda - Ade - Contemporary
  • Alex - Lauren - Broadway
  • Cristina - Pasha - Paso Doble
  • Ashley - Mark - Jazz
  • Robert - Anya - Argentine Tango
  • José - Kathryn - Bollywood
Neil and Twitch won't be dancing this week. That's okay because I get to see Dom and Pasha!

Cristina's up first. We get to hear stories about the contestant's childhoods this week. Unless there's anything really interesting, we'll skip that part. Jean-Marc Genereux and France choreographed the Paso Doble. Pasha and Paso Doble go together so well. Song: Ira Deorum/Sanctus by James Dooley. Very dramatic music--the dancers needed to bring the passion and they did, big time! Cristina held her own against Pasha. Nigel says that Paso Doble requires passion, power, fire and control, and that Cristina brought it all. He says thank goodness she didn't go home last week or we wouldn't have seen this routine. Mia said it was "everything." Adam said, "¡Mucho caliente!"

AC is next up. OK, he has a sad story--many of his memories of dance performances were burned in a fire, so everything's in his mind. Mandy Moore is choreographing this contemporary dance--she said there's no story, it's just about emotions. Mandy advises AC to take a more light-hearted approach. Song: Listen to Your Heart from (Edmee's Unplugged Vocal Edit) D.H.T. featuring Edmee. AC is a great dancer, but I agree that he often looks angry as he's dancing, hence his need to lighten up a bit. Allison looked elated and in love, but he looked like they might be breaking up. He smiled at the end though. I guess he's just concentrating really hard. Nigel saw major improvement in AC, but asked that he not interrupt the flow of his emotional side with the steps. Mia says he needs to tap into his joy more consistently. She also said he needs to remember that dance is not just an art form, it's a "heart form." Adam said AC's technically so good, but he's dancing from his head, not from his heart.

Alex's turn.  Tyce Diorio choreographed this Broadway routine in Fosse style, but with his own take on it. Alex and Lauren are dancing to Summertime by Sylvester. Great synchronization between Alex and Lauren, especially in using the hat prop. Good routine! Alex's leaps and splits are amazing, but he looked a little uncomfortable in parts with the Fosse style. Nigel said that Alex has got the technique down, but he needs to bring a little more power to his performances. Mia said she needed more *something* -- she went through another sound effect thing that I can't really replicate. Adam said Alex's talent is so expansive, so the contest for him needs to be about his versatility and his growth. Adam thought it was the antithesis of Fosse...it was a lot of flash and no smolder.

Ashley is next. Travis Wall is choreographing a dance about Ashley breaking up with Mark and then realizing she wants him back. Song: Wonderful by Annie Lennox. I just love Travis' choreography. It was a great routine...I think Ashley nailed the emotion this time. Nigel thought it was a well-choreographed routine, but it wasn't really a jazz routine, so he didn't see Ashley (a contemporary dancer) doing anything new. His negative critique was directed at Travis, not the dancers. He feels he hasn't learned anything this week. Mia admitted that Ashley is one of her favorite girls, and that Ashley delivered. Adam agreed with Mia, and felt she needed to "fill the space" and lose herself a little bit.

Our fifth performance comes from Billy. Krumping. Oh my. Choreographed by Lil' C. Lil' C tells us that Krumping originated in the pit of South Central L.A. - the "belly of the 'hood. " Lil' C is going to work on transforming Billy Bell into "Billy B. Buck." During rehearsal, Billy's trying to look hard, but then he speaks, and, not so much...it's kinda funny, really. Song: So U Think U Can Krump by Tha J-Squad. Wow...Billy did MUCH better than I expected. He really held his own against Comfort. He looked tough, masculine, hit all the moves sharply, and never lost his character. Awesome! And then, he speaks. It's so funny because his voice is so effiminate. Nigel started off with "I hate that music." Yeah, I have to agree with him there. Nigel said this is the most alien style for Billy, and that it's a warrior's dance, but that Billy didn't find the warrior within, yet. But, he did put all he had into it. Mia said he knocked on the warrior's door, but was afraid to open it. She thought it was a little awkward for her to watch. Adam said "you were trying so hard out there, man." Comfort thought Billy was "buck" to her. Adam said it was a bad, failed experiment. I disagree with the judges this week...I think Billy did a great job.

Robert's next. another Jean-Marc and France routine...Argentine Tango, in case you forgot. Song: Libertango by Bond Quartet. Woo--this dance was HOT! Robert did a great job! Cat said she got chills. Nigel said Roberto looked magnificent. I have to admit here that I do kinda miss Mary Murphy's comments on the ballroom dances. Meanwhile, Mia said this dance didn't give her chills at all. She needed more power from Robert. She said the man is supposed to devour the woman, but that Anya devoured him. Anya said she wouldn't have looked that way without Robert's partnering. Adam is like Switzerland and understood what both Nigel and Mia were saying.

Melinda and Ade are next for a contemporary number by Stacey Tookey, who says the dance is about the relationship between Mother Earth and Mankind. Song: Squander by Skunk Anansie. I suppose she's been watching the news every night about the oil spill.  Wow...I think Melinda did much better than last week--she tapped in to the emotion this time. Nigel said, "for a tapper, you've got fantastic lines." He thought she was tremendous, Ade was too. Mia loved the concept and story, but didn't like Melinda's dress. She ultimately said it was a "Yay." Adam said Melinda was fantastic, and that he's glad the judges kept her last week when she was in the bottom three.

Here comes B-Boy José. He gets to dance Bollywood. José doesn't know what Bollywood is, and choreographer, Nakul Dev Mahajan, has never worked with a B-Boy. The piece is telling a genie-in-a-bottle story. During rehearsals, Kathryn says José is really out of his element, but that he's got a lot of positive energy. Song: Marjaani Marjaani Kasame, from Billu Barber (Soundtrack). I gotta say, José was pretty impressive tonight. I'm not sure what it is, but hip-hoppers and B-Boys tend to do well with Bollywood, even though the styles are SO different. His arms weren't always as tight as Kathryn's, and it looked like he almost lost his footing a couple times, but he kept up with the speed of the dance and looked like he was having fun. Cute ending...José released Kathryn from the bottle at the beginning and it ended with her putting José into the bottle. Nigel said José didn't quite make it to India, but he did really well. Mia said, "I love you so much right now. You made us smile." She talked about how he brought a groove into it that probably wasn't right, but it was fun. Adam said "if there were a prize for the brightest light on this show, you would've won it already. You're an absolute joy." He said the dance was totally wrong, but that José's so much fun to watch.

Lauren's next. She gets to dance hip-hop with Dominic. I was wrong, Napoleon/Tabitha aren't choreographing--it's a new choreographer Tessandra Chavez. The dance is about an abusive relationship. Wow...heavy. Song: If I Were a Boy by Beyoncé. Wow...it was really good. Last week Lauren was criticized for not showing the emotion, but that was not a problem this week. She did really, really well. I rewound and watched it again before hearing the judges' critiques. It was great. Nigel said, "I believed the performance." Technically, he said her feet were a little too close together, and that he back seemed to sway a bit. Mia said it's just that she has a good butt. Mia wanted to "feel" the abuse more than just dancing steps--she was looking for it to be more disturbing, still, she thought it was one of the best performances of the night. Adam complimented Lauren for taking his notes from last week; in doing so, she got better. He said he can see that she's still in an emotional space even after the dance, and told her to celebrate that because she tonight she turned into an actor. Dom was in that space too--he seemed upset and wasn't his usual playful self afterward.

Kent gets to dance the last performance of the night with Courtney for one of Tyce's jazz routines.  It's about a couple who's together, then not together.  Tyce said it's "you want what you can't have."   They need some sexual tension, which Courtney is fine with, but Kent's a bit virginal in this area.....  Song:  Amy Amy Amy by Amy Winehouse.  Kent and Courtney danced on and around a table on the stage.  Kent was able to pull of the sexiness of the routine.  Woo!  Cat said, "From a boy to a man."  Nigel said his journey from small-town Ohio (I'm not even going to attempt to spell it), is moving very fast.  He also made a remark that *this* was a jazz routine, as opposed to what Travis did earlier. Travis was sitting right next to Tyce, and mumbled something, but I couldn't make it out. He looked pissed though. As for Kent, Nigel said he didn't seem to have as much fun with this like he did with the cha-cha last week.  Nigel thinks Kent was thinking too much.  Courtney thought Kent was fabulous at being sexy.  Mia thought there were great moments of technique and physicality, but that he didn't transform himself to "eat her alive."  She thinks Courtney ate Kent alive, instead of the other way around.  He needs to be more mature now. Adam said, "I'm just getting hungry now."  Adam said Kent needs to work every week on finding the connection with his partner, but that it was great to see Kent dance.

OK.  Here's how I'd rank the performances this week--basically based on how much I enjoyed the performance, not so much on how well the dancer danced it technically.  I didn't dislike any performance this week, but someone has to be last.

10.  Billy - Comfort - Krump
9.  Adéchiké (AC) - Allison - Contemporary
8.  Kent - Courtney - Jazz
7.  Alex - Lauren - Broadway
6.  Melinda - Ade - Contemporary
5.  Ashley - Mark - Jazz
4.  José - Kathryn - Bollywood
3.  Cristina - Pasha - Paso Doble
2.  Robert - Anya - Argentine Tango
1. Lauren - Dominic - Lyrical Hip-Hop

The girls really stepped it up this week.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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I missed most of tonight's performances b/c el novio and I went to grab pizza (and I had a dance class until 8 in Bethesda). Guess I'll have to catch the routines on youtube, since fix doesn't have episodes available online, right?

funny note: I had changed my template earlier and was all excited, and then clicked on yours and saw you had the same one!! Great minds! Still, I ended up switching it to another one I liked. Let me know if you think it's too hard to read.