SYTYCD is back!

Well, actually it's been back for a few weeks, but now the audition shows are over, and we were introduced to the top 5 girls, and top 6 guys on Thursday. (I'm late on posting because I was working on my photos from my recent trip to Albuquerque, NM. I only got half of them up, but will finish this weekend.)

There are lots of changes for the show this season, including the inclusion of SYTYCD All-Stars. On last night's show, each newbie performed in his or her style along with one or more All-Stars. There was no voting; this was just a chance to see who's who. Another new addition last night is that the choreographer for each piece sat at a microphone and provided their thoughts on the performance or the meaning of the choreography. I liked that feature, but don't know if it was just for the exhibition show, or if that will be a weekly feature.

Thursday's show started with a group performance to David Bowie's "Fame." It was choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson. The dance was performed on astro-turf, and looked like a 1920s summer party, with croquet and all. I loved it. I love having the All-Stars back, especially Mark, Dominic, Twitch, Ade, Pasha (and his abs), and Lauren. The newbies are all very talented and I'm excited about this new season.

Mia Michaels is back this season as a judge, and it was kind of surprising that Mary Murphy was not on stage. Wonder why?

The next performance was danced by newbies Lauren (I like her a lot) and small-town boy Kent (like him too). All-Stars Mark (Season 5) and Kathryn (Season 6) performed too. The performed a jazz routine choreographed by Travis Wall to "Paris is Burning" by St. Vincent. Very well done. Adam Shankman loved it.

Alexie and Melinda next perform a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine to "There's Gotta Be Something Better than This" from Sweet Charity (Original Broadway Cast). Alexi was a Laker girl for two seasons and this was her 4th attempt at getting on the show. Melinda is a tapper, but is really good in other styles too. All-Stars Allison (Season 2) and Lauren (Season 3) dance too. It might be because she's the tallest, but I found myself drawn to Melinda throughout the performance. Nigel told Alexie and Melinda that they have the technique, but they need to find the "fire" that Lauren and Allison have.

B-Boy José got to perform a hip-hop routine with All-Stars Twitch and Comfort (Season 4) and Dominic (yay! Season 3) to "Din Daa Daa (District 78 Remix)" by George Kranz. Loved it!!! it was a battle of José against the other 3 (he was wearing black, they were wearing multi-colored shirts. Then, after a cool trick/somersault between Dominic and José, he shed his black shirt and became one of the group. This was choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha, who gave José props.

Next is Cristina, a Latin dancer, who performs with All Stars Anya (going blonde these days) and Pasha to "Work (Freemasons Radio Edit)" by Kelly Rowland. Whew! Pasha's still sexy as ever. The two ladies competed to dance with Pasha. And thankfully, Pasha took his shirt off at one point--OOO LA LA!! Choreographer Jason Gilkison said that Cristina was amazing. Nigel said that Pasha and Anya are the best ballroom dancers in the WORLD, (not just on SYTYCD) and was proud that Cristina held her own against them, though he mentioned she needs to pick her feet up a little bit more.

Alex and Billy dance a Mia Micheal's piece to "This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight" by Dinah Washington and Max Richter. Mia explains that the piece is about the passage of time from a child, to a man in his prime, to an old man (played by All Star Ade). Of all the pieces this week, this is probably the only one that didn't need explanation --it was pretty clear cut. And beautiful. I just wish Ade could've played a bigger role than the old man, because I love to watch him dance.

And finally, we AdéChiké, Robert, and Ashley perform a lyrical piece to "Freak" by Estelle featuring Kardinal Offshall with Neil (Season 3) and Courtney (Season 4--yay! Good to see her too!). Sonya choreographed this one. Great routine. Sonya said she's excited.

That's it. Next week the competition starts for real. Can't wait!

p.s. In case you hadn't noticed, I made some changes to the blog. Hope you like the new look!

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