SYTYCD Down-to-9 Results Show

The show opened with a group dance to Royal T by Crookers feat. Róisín Murphy (she of Ramalama (Bang Bang) fame. The dancers are wearing red and black and are bathed in red lighting. Looks like a Sonya routine. Cat comes out, and I was right, Sonya choreographed that dance.

Another announcement/reminder about National Dance Day on July 31 from Nigel.

The first three contestants come out for resutls--Kent, Adéchiké (AC) and Cristina. I suspect they're all safe, OR, perhaps AC is in the bottom three.

Kent is safe. And what? AC is safe, but Cristina is in the bottom three. Adam Shankman admitted that he's shocked to find her there. She'll dance for her life later.

Next out are Alex, Ashley, Melinda and José. Alex looks petrified, and I think he was trying to see Cat's card before she read the result. He's safe. Huge sigh of relief from Alex. José's next. And he's safe too. It's down to the girls. Ashley's safe. Melinda isn't.

Lauren, Billy and Robert come out next. Of these three, I think Robert might be in danger. Lauren's safe. The final dancer in the bottom three is Robert. Billy's safe. Mia said she was shocked in the bottom three, and she said he's one of the judges' favorite dancers and they don't want to see him go, so he better bring it in his solo. I think what she really told him was, "Don't worry, we've got your back."

Time for the first guest performance--it's Bryan Gaynor, the young pop-locker with scoliosis. During tryouts, Nigel told Bryan and his crew, RemoteKontrol, that they'd be invited to perform on the show this season, and here they are. They perform to Agnus Dei by Eskmo. OH MAN. They are AMAZING. I have to find a video of this tomorrow and post it. They were all dressed in gold, and wore gold masks, so didn't even look human as they danced--they really looked like robots. So cool!

Time for the solo performances.

Crisitina dances to Quimbara by Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco. She looked great.

Melinda taps to Heels by Q-Tip (love him!). While her tapping is impressive, I don't think her performance was as exciting as Cristina's was.

Robert dances to Everywhere I Go by Lissie, and proved that he shouldn't have been in the bottom three in the first place.

I think Melinda will be saying goodbye tonight, and then Nigel will express regret at losing their only tapper.

The judges go to deliberate, and we get to enjoy a performance from "Costa Rican superstar," Debi Nova singing Drummer Boy. Six of the All-Stars are dancing with her: Ade, Mark, Comfort, Neil, Courtney and Lauren. It was a fun performance, but Debi could use a little work on her lip-sync skills.

They come back with the results and Nigel announces that it is not unanimous. He then tells Robert that he is safe. He asked Melinda to step forward and said he doesn't understand why the public is not connecting with her, and that it was his opinion that she should go this week, however, Mia and Adam wanted her to stay, so she's safe. Poor Cristina is out, even though she was so good last night. Nigel tells her that she was "absolutely brilliant last night" and that she's grown so much. He wished her love and said they give her so much respect for what she does. She was very gracious, vowed not to cry, and said she'd always remember this experience.

That's it 'til next week.

Update (6/25/10): Here's the video of RemoteKontrol. The way these guys move is incredible.

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