SYTYCD - 1st results show

Tonight's show opened with a group dance choreographed by ______ (I'm not sure--I couldn't catch her name when Cat introduced her, and she's new to the show. I'll have to get her name next time). The song was Acapella by Kelis. Everyone's dressed in white and gold and they all do great. Billy was a standout with his kicks. It's like his legs go on forever.

Nigel promotes National Dance Day coming up on July 31. The intention is to get everyone up and moving on that day. Napoleon and Tabitha created a routine for the whole country to do. It's at the Dizzy Feet Foundation website. I might just have to get some girls together that night to go dancing. It'd be funny if everyone in the club broke out into this routine.

Time for some results. The first four contestants are up: Alex, Robert, Lauren and Kent. The guys are all safe.

And so is Lauren.

Next up are Melinda, Billy, Ashley and Alexie.

Melinda is in the bottom three. Billy's safe. Ashley is safe and Alexie is in the bottom three. Melinda's not a surprise, and I'm not that surprised about Alexie either, based on the judges lukewarm comments the night before.

José, Adéchiké (from here on out, I'm going to refer to him as AC), and Cristina are the final group. José's safe. AC's safe. Cristina's in the bottom three. I got 2/3 right on the bottom three. I was wrong about Alexie, and thought AC would be there.

After the commercial break, we have a guest performance from the Broadway show Come Fly Away, created by Twyla Tharp, and performed by Karine Plantadit and Keith Roberts to "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. Whew! They were great!!

Now the girls come out to dance for their lives.

Melinda taps to I Got the Feelin' by James Brown. She was awesome--ended with James Brown's trademark shuffle.

Alexie performs to I've Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding. Beautiful.

Cristina dances to La Guarachera by Celia Cruz & TITO PUENTE. In case you're wondering, I put Tito Puente's name in all caps because of a scene from the movie, Hollywood Shuffle, it's how I hear his name in my head. I've been doing that for 20 years...can't stop now. It's just like when I hear Madonna's name, I think of Robin Williams in Birdcage, "Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!"

Anyway, Cristina was good. The judges have a tough decision ahead of them. I think Melinda's going to be in trouble though.

While the judges go to deliberate, we get to see Usher perform OMG. I didn't care for this song when he did it several weeks ago on American Idol, but now it's grown on me. and I really don't care what Usher's singing--I just love to watch him dance. Next, Usher introduces the world premiere of Justin Bieber's new video for Somebody to Love, featuring Usher. I didn't fast forward at this point as I normally would have because a friend told me she kinda liked it. I figured I should watch. And well...it wasn't bad. I agree with my friend that Justin could work on his dance moves some more, but the song was catchy, plus we got to see more of Usher's dancing. Note to my friend who admitted kind of liking this--I didn't want to call you out. If you'd like to identify yourself, please feel free. ;o)

Time to find out who's going home. Nigel announces that there's a unanimous decision. He first tells Melinda that she needs to bring fire. He tells Cristina that she brought the fire, but she didn't bring the steps, but they felt she was dancing for her life tonight. Alexie is told that she was very contained in her movement--she must learn to dance to the extent of her movement. BUT, she won't get to learn it on this show because she's going home. Aww...I feel so bad for her--she's so sweet. This was her 4th time auditioning for the show, she made it, but then she gets cut first. Mia assured her that she will work as a dancer, so she shouldn't feel bad.

I cannot believe I wrote yesterday that I don't really remember Allison. I looked her up and as soon as I found this routine with Ivan, I was like, OF COURSE! This was one of my favorite all-time performances. Ivan's a hip-hop dancer--you'd never know it watching this piece.

Allison's a gorgeous dancer, and on Wednesday she and Alex achieved perfection:


Jeanene said...

I'm ready to come out to the internet that I kinda liked the Justin Bieber song and video featuring Usher!!! I totally agree that more of Usher dancing is always a good thing! I also didn't love OMG at first, but then found myself buying it from iTunes and now I find that it's a great workout song.

Valerie said...

Yay to Jeanene for coming forth to identify herself. :o)